Monday, May 22, 2023

New Message Coming

Sheep in an Orchard
by Robert Payton Reid, Scotland, 1859-1945

Hello Dear Ones!!

I want to be here at least once a week (or more--perhaps daily!)  but have had some
delays this week.

 I was forced to get a new phone. My old one quit working and I was enjoying my new social experiment of days with no outside contact. I was informed by certain people that  I'm too “vital”—and we all know what that means— to be without one. I am to be updated so that they can keep track of me.
Robert Payton Reid 

  It was good to have a more efficient phone although I also had to adjust to the updated price. As Elizabeth said, "We are enduring it as best we can."  In  our case, it is Mr. S. that is bearing the expense but he says it is cheaper than a trip across the country or the world.
Sunlit Highland River
Robert Payton Reid

It has taken some of my brain reserves to adjust to everything and it was time consuming. But I shall be with you soon with a new broadcast, as exciting as per usual (smile).

Then, the weather got irresistibly nice and the descendants are descending upon The Manse. Some have appointments and business in the vicinity, and others take a day off every week to be quiet, walk around, or tell us what they are thinking. 

 Now, when we expect visits, we create plans similar to tourist travel itinerary, so that we can include all the conversational subjects, food, and other activities we want to cover. 
White Thorn
Robert Payton Reed

We have been singing, and as Lydia said in P&P "talking about things of great doctrinal importance"
as well as playing with sidewalk chalk on the footpath next to The Manse, eating simple food and drinking tea, walking around, sitting in the shade, talking about many things. 

My children used to follow me around with their little notebooks writing things I said, and now I am taking notes of things they say. Its so refreshing after a long dark winter to hear the ages of 4 to 50 talk about what they think and observe. It is nice to have other voices around The Manse.
A River Landscape 
by Robert Payton Reid, Glasgow

Now that The Manse is quiet, I am getting some things ready to talk to you about. Thank you for praying to that end. It is a big help. I hope to speak to you today.

Lydia Ruth



Janine said...

I love your sense of humor!

ann said...

I always look forward to each new post. I love to have my descendants around me too and love hearing what they have to say. They are always so wise and capable. Ann

Unknown said...

Good day sister Lydia. What a joy hearing from you. There will certainly be a day coming when we'll never have to use technology ever again as in the days of the Garden...Amen to that! Please continue staying beautiful and vital in spirit.

P.S. We're as young as we feel...I always make myself smile/laugh when I repeat that to myself and others.

Love ♡,

Marianne said...

This post made me laugh out loud and I even read bits of it to my husband. I can so identify with everything you said , concerning the phone , being vital, and enjoying the voices of loved ones. My phone is from January of 2015 which I understand to be ancient in the tech world. but it suits me just fine!
Looking forward to a talk!

Lydia said...

I’m delighted to see you commenting here Maketa, and I’ll write when I can.