Friday, November 10, 2023

Patiently, Thought by Thought --For the Home

Hello Ladies,

It is looking and feeling very grim out there but "we are enduring it as best we can."

Today's broadcast is at the end of the page.

As you listen today please remember that these are my own ideas based on my observations and thoughts and do not necessarily apply to any other person's situation. Even if you have different thoughts and ideas, as I always opine, "We can still be friends."  It wouldn't be a very interesting life if everyone was the same. ("But Lizzy, not everyone is the same.")

I shared this book which was one of the small books from the dollar store many years ago. It is from 
The Clever Factory publishers in Nashville, Tennessee if you want to search for the rest of them. This edition promotes deliberately shutting out the rushing and pressures of life by creating moments of stillness and slowness.

In today's broadcast (scroll to the end of this page to see the video), I explained briefly the difference between the Regency Period, (1795-1837) described in The Jane Austen Diet,

...and The Victorian Era (1837-1901)
described in Simple Social Graces.


You can do a search for the Regency Era hats and clothing and the Victorian hats and clothing to see the differences.

Poems I read:

Patiently, thought by thought, 
Old habits are untaught,

We watch, but cannot see 
The seed invisibly
Become the oak or pine
Or warm, fall fruiting vine.

We see the stature gained,
But  do not see things grow--
The process is too slow.

Things have a time to root,
A time to flower
And a time to fruit
And a time to stand and rest:
And every time is best.

Waiting is also growth;
Living consists of both.
Patiently, thought by thought
A new way of life is wrought.

Please enjoy listening while you get things done at home, or walk or rest. Some people say they fall asleep listening. If that works for you, it is just fine with me.

Do a search for the following:
Autumn interiors
Autumn soups
Autumn outerwear, rain books, rain wear
Autumn activities


Janet W. said...

Hi Lydia, I enjoy your videos and as always you urge us to dress for the home. The problem with dressing up(for me anyway) is that something always happens to either get soil on the dress, rip it or something happens where I need to change into an old dress that I can work in the yard or with animals. There is always messy work to do. The only time I really dress nice is when I go to town, shopping, appts, go visiting, or church. I do wear aprons, however this doesn’t help much. So I save my good clothes for good. I like making my clothes and don’t have lots of time to sew. As a result I have few nice clothes. Sewing season for me begins after harvest and canning are done. Stopping for the Holidays and resuming for the rest of Winter. Spring is time to start seeds, prepare soil for gardening and such.
It is pleasant to see you dress up for the videos and I thank you so much for that. Keep those videos coming.

Marianne said...

it is gray and drizzly here today and this is much welcomed as we are in a tremendous drought. A little rain in the night has left some blessed fact i went for a short walk just now in a light and chilly wetness; i t felt so good. we are praying for actual rain that will penetrate the hard ground.
As always your video was very welcome. there are such good lessons , and reminders. You inspire me.

Lydia said...

Hi Jan,

I hope it is all well with you and I’m glad you are able to live in the country and do the things you love!

Lydia said...

Marianne, I feel the same way. Even the cold wet weather is to be appreciated.

Michell Hendrick said...

Hello Lydia! I wanted to thank you again for the podcasts, I always enjoy and learn "a little something". I have spoken to you in the past about my volunteer work issues. I am turning in my notice today. You had given me wonderful advice last year, and I am finally giving it all to God, including the guilt on leaving. Although I do not have children, I still have to put my home first, and this is not "socially acceptable" even among some Christians. ("you don't have anything to DO all day, surely you can be here! We don't have anyone else") Be careful ladies what you agree to, our hearts want to help so much, but we can get into trouble.

Lydia said...

Even with children there is always something that seems urgent enough to do. We need to consider using any extra time for rest and maintenance, rather that spend our energy and time elsewhere.