Saturday, November 18, 2023

We Want to be Happy at Home

Greetings dear friends at home (and those who aspire to be)!

I appreciate your visit and I hope you enjoy the video. 

"We are having very nice weather."

I have been wearing this historical "walking skirt"
which my daughter sewed for me many years ago.

It is longer in the back, with a nice pleat. 
It is made from Folkwear pattern #209

In the broadcast I suggested some things to make winter more enjoyable at home, which my younger friends have shared with me. 

I read from these two books:

Simple Social Graces by Linda Lichter (18th-19th century customs and manners of the home)
Simple Secrets to a Beautiful Home by Emilie Barnes (home keeping, home decor, and other things)

These were published many years ago, but doing a search for books about home  and homemaking will bring up quite a number of very good recent publications on these subjects.

I read the poem from the song: O For a Faith That Will Not Shrink, which was written in 1831. The words indicate what people knew about faith and how they experienced it in Victorian times:

  1. Oh, for a faith that will not shrink,
    Though pressed by every foe,
    That will not tremble on the brink
    Of any earthly woe!
  2. That will not murmur nor complain
    Beneath the chast’ning rod,
    But, in the hour of grief or pain,
    Will lean upon its God.
  3. A faith that shines more bright and clear
    When tempests rage without;
    That when in danger knows no fear,
    In darkness feels no doubt.
  4. Lord, give me such a faith as this,
    And then, whate’er may come,
    I’ll taste, e’en here, the hallowed bliss
    Of an eternal home.

  1.  Reading this aloud can bring out its meaning so well and is a great poem for older children to memorize, analyze and sing.

Please enjoy your responsibilities at home while you listen:


Janine said...

What a beautiful outfit! I love that walking skirt, it is so feminine. I used to try and get my son to get dressed first thing, but he cried, "But mom! Homeschooling in your pajamas is part of the fun of homeschooling!" And on cold winter days in our drafty house I gave in.

You were right....I didn't have any ads when I watched from your website. I also do stealth exercises! When I unload my dishwasher I often do leg lifts. Sometimes I do push ups against the counter. Plus standing on tippy toes 50 times.

I am loving your book! I gave it to my mom several years ago for Christmas and just saw it on her bookshelf. It is delightful! You did a great job and sometimes I laugh outloud.

The different thing I do everyday is to wear different jewelry. Some I bought, some is from hubby, but most belonged to my grandma and aunt. I have so much I decided years ago to wear it daily or give it away!

Lydia said...

Janine that’s a great hint! Most things like that go unused once your life centers on the home. Think of how enjoyable this would be matching it up with clothes worn at home, making more royal a d special. Tho k of all the scarves and collars and belts we collect over the decades — how it can all be home accessories. Aldo, hair clips and hair bows, headbands etc that may have been set in a box and not used.

Angela said...

So many good things to think about! I am calling winter the cozy season. Our winters are so gray and dreary. Could you post a picture of Helen Andelin's workbook? Ty! I hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving!

Christal said...

Lovely video, I seen where they are selling the workbooks from Helen Andelin on Amazon. They have vintage and new editions, Dixie Andelin is putting them out.

Lydia said...

Tasteful art drawings in that workbook. You won’t agree with it all but just consider the basic message. She used terminology back in that day and examples a lot of people today don’t like and don’t understand. Really sometimes I do t tho k people are mature enough to take all things into consideration when reading tho gs from that era. The author was using old books that were written in the 1920’s and putting them in a more understandable format for women of the early 1970’s.

Christal said...

Ms. Lydia if you were to embark on a DIY English literature degree what books would you have on your TBR to read and study? I love this concept because winter is thee best season to read and study, I love winter.

stephanie said...

Hello everyone. This video is so helpful today. I have become so overwhelmed with the doom and gloom of the news and media.
I let it bring me down. Sometimes I wish there was no such thing as YOUTUBE. I get addicted to it. And it brings me anxiety. Please pray for me to not get so addicted to what is happening in the world today via media. I need to try to stay off of it. People say, "But don't you need to keep up with what's going on in the world?" Well, I am unhappy keeping up. Yes, the world is going downhill and I know this. But, I have got to remember that if learning what is going on in the world is affecting me negatively and my friends and family, I have got to stop.
What would Jesus say? Would he want us to be caught up on the news constantly? Maybe for some people, but I am being destroyed by striving to keep abreast with the news. Surely, at least in my case, I should try and live my own life, help others, but not let the media take my soul. Please pray for me.

Lydia said...

When you have knowledge of the way the media presents things and how they use words and phrases to put you out of your mind with fear and despair, you can then hear or view it and see through it. You need to educate yourself on how they spin it and then you won’t have the panic or the grief. It’s tedious to explain it here, but in general they are omitting a lot and being deceitful about the way things are. For now, remember if you read it, watched it or heard it from the media, you need to be doubtful about what is being reported.