Monday, November 20, 2023

Freedom at Home, Winter Ideas

Hello Ladies,

I  hope you are giving life your best today. I have a new "broadcast" video. You can listen while you catch up on a few things at home.

I shared another tea book from Dollar Tree purchased a decade or more ago:

It is from The Clever Factory publishing company in Nashville, Tennessee.

I enjoyed this exercise video from Lucy Windham-Read, in a winter wonderland. It will be nice to see if she does a similar video in the spring. Please be aware when following exercises, you can do every-other one, or just do half the video, and you can alter the movements to suit your needs.

I have added more ideas on MY PINTEREST if you would like to look at something that is peaceful.

I hope you will enjoy home, get some things done, or rest, while you listen. I plan to post another picture at the end of the page so please check back.



Mrs Bain said...

So many great topics covered today. I appreciate all your homeschooling lessons (as every broadcast is teaching the ladies present). A few years ago I came across a beautiful book at the library, I check it out a few times a year to be re-inspired by the photographs. It is about tablescapes and settings. The book is called “The Gift of Gathering”.

Thank you so much for the time and thought you give each broadcast. I appreciate your encouragement to live abundantly as a homemaker.

Practically Heidi said...

I was hoping you could help me. I just took an elementary long term substitute position for learning disabled children. I am to teach 2nd and 4th grade social skills. There is no curriculum. Much of what I see is very child emotion centric and not character based. I want to be heavily read aloud focused while the other teachers are using technology! Do you have any suggestions for public school appropriate books? I plan on Aeops fables, One Hundred Dresses, Children's Book of Virtue. Any more ideas? I would really appreciate it. I love your videos and blog so much. I listen to them all. I love your book selections and order most. Blessings, Heidi

Lydia said...

Everyone is welcome to recommend books to answer this.

Health, Safety and Manners by ABeka is a good one, however I don’t agree with some of the health recommendations in it.But may work for this purpose , especially manners based on caring about others.

Janine said...

For Heidi: what immediately came to my mind were books by Carolyn Haywood, such as B is for Betsy and Snowbound with Betsy. Any book by her is age appropriate with children getting along well. Ginnie and the New Girl by Catherine Wooley is fantastic.... it's about Ginnie feeling left out when the new girl usurps her old friends and how she copes with it. She becomes very productive and of course it has a good ending. Every child (girls esp) should read this book. The first 19 or so books actually written by Gertrude Chandler Warner of The Boxcar Children series. Siblings who get along well, help each other, do good deeds and solve mysteries. They are productive children who make do with what they can find and have good values.

Janine said...

While listening I set the table for tomorrow's Thanksgiving and put out all the dishes and platters and cooking pots I will need. Thank you! Every year it gets easier and easier. I have my Christmas notebook and had put a menu and dishes needed inside of it. I love all the books you mentioned, and have the lovely Anne book and that old Helen A. notebook :)

Lydia said...

Memoria Press has a course to teach social skills to children. It is called Myself and Others.