Friday, May 17, 2024

Listen While You Work at Home

Hello Dearest Friends.

Today I walked in Paris with Lucy. You can do this in your home, and you do not have to do each
exercise the same way. For example, when she does something too strenuous for you, just do it a different way or sitting down. You can actually adapt any of these exercises to chair exercises or to your own strength level.  What could be better than walking around Paris without having to pay the fare. 

I read an article from Tea Time, which had a page of 19th century paintings depicting tea, including this one by Mary Cassatt
A Cup of Tea by Mary Cassatt, circa 1880

Included in class today was the art book, above. It has good instructions for everyone, and you don't have to be a grandmother. It is a good instruction book for homeschool, or for yourself to use as project lessons for leisure. I plan to use it to get some art skills.

A favorite artist and painting. I like the fabric of the lady's dress. 
The Courtship by Edmund B. Leighton 1852-1922

The lesson on courtesy that I read today came from the chapter called "Keep A Civil Tongue" in the book "Simple Social Graces" by Linda Lichter. Victorians believed that carelessness in speech resulted in carelessness of actions. 

Today's tea: Rose Mint from Bigelow

Dress fabric: Fabric Traditions 

With jacket for going out.

Made with this pattern.

With apron: Hobby Lobby

I hope you will enjoy being home while you listen today.


Flossy said...

Hello lovely Lydia - I love seeing all your beautiful dresses & accessories - it makes my heart happy!! Always enjoy being home-schooled by you.... even if I am vital. Haha We are finally getting some cooler days now.... the humidity has eased off at long last.... I've been waiting 8 months for that here in Brisbane. Take care xx

Lydia said...

I like your weather updates!! I colder climate is indeed uncomfortable, as it’s hard to get motivated in the cold. However, having lived in Australia, I admit the humidity can have an affect on my ambitions and my leisure at the same time. It puts a stop to my brain

Janine said...

I bought the Loretta Young DVDs just for that story and it's not on there! I found out later that she was sick and so another actress played the part, so it didn't make it to the DVD! Was bummed. Enjoyed all that you talked about, as always! I wish I could comment as I listen but it always stops playing when I try.