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Young at Home

Good Day, Wonderful Friends,

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Today I went for a walk with Lucy in Venice, Italy. So refreshing!!

We are doing the best we can here at The Manse, even with "dark, narrow halls and a fire that smokes".

I read from these two books today:

Emily Barnes suggested small, free efforts to make being home beautiful, and "The Lost Art of  Dress" explains why sleeveless clothing in public was not acceptable in the past. It stated that sleeveless garments are at a fashion disadvantage. I discussed the value of sleeves when designing and sewing, because they give more fabric to use to create style and interest. There is a variety of sleeve patterns available, and below are some of them.

Below is an Etsy pattern:

Another subject covered in the video— the old fashioned train case. 
Since I sometimes turn The Manse into a train for a vacation trip when the children visit, I became interested in train cases. These were small boxes for temporary supplies to last the trip without having to get into the bigger suitcases or trunk before arrival. They contained personal care items. 

A web search for train cases will yield some history of this charming little box.

I found these at Dollar Tree,(total cost for these 4 colorful bags was $5.00), and I know they are lunch carriers, but they look  like the train cases and were the same size as a reproduction train case I once bought.

 These lightweight insulated bags from the dollar store can be filled with supplies for car travel or kept in a guest room.  I use one of them to carry my books and craft materials when sharing an art project with someone.

We are working hard to make the outside of The Manse have good curb appeal and look less abandoned.  

Today's dress at home:
Cotton tropical print fabric,
with this pattern and different sleeves:

With apron ( for work:

With coordinating jacket for going out:

Painting by George Clausen (1852-1944) "The Visit"

Poems I Read on the Broadcast:

Ad Lib

At seven A.M., I don't envy the mob
Who rise, shine and shower and go to the job.
In rain, sleet or storm, whether snowing or blowing,
I stay home and savor the joys of not going.

Cheers to you dears out fulfilling yourselves.
I'll bake me a cake, and I'll straighten my shelves,
I'll write some light verse and I'll practice some Bach...
If my neighbor drops in, I'll take time for a talk.
I'd rather have a family than fortune or fame;
I don't think my apron's a Red Badge of Shame.
You're welcome to banking, computers and math,
Guns, plumbing and business. I'll take a hot bath.
Art, music, letters--the good things of life
Are no less my own, since I'm mother and wife.
If I scrub, mop or dig in the garden, I'm free...
Remember, the choices were all made by me.
author: Helene Lewis Coffer 
Painting by Paula Vaughn

Free Girl

The sun through the curtain says it is a new day,
I stretch as I wake, hearing my brothers at play.
They are pretending to be men going off to cut trees,
For wood in the fire so we don't all have to freeze.

There is work for me, too;  I do not live in leisure.
The family likes my cooking; they think I'm a treasure.
I'm practicing for when I'll be out of this house
To tidy the home of my dear future spouse.

author: Miss Lily of the Valley

In today’s broadcast and the previous ones, I encourage girls at home not to go out to work,  due to several factors: influence, impact on others, change of values from the prevailing culture, and health.  

In the next video I will talk more about being busy at home 
Please enjoy catching up on some things at home while you listen:


lesley bambridge said...

I very much agreed with the advice about sleeveless dresses and blouses. Women and teenage girls desperately want to have nice upper arms so they can wear sleeveless. But the answer is to wear garments with sleeves. I am sure it looks more attractive and will give a boost to confidence. Modesty itself is attractive to high quality men and engenders respectful behaviour from people towards modestly dressed women. I will wear a sleeveless dress on a hot day sometimes- but always have a pretty cardigan handy to wear on top.

There really is so much we can learn to improve our skills and our life at home isn’t there?
I use two A4 hardback notebooks to record ideas and progress.

The first is entitled My Organised Home
In this book I record where everything is located in our home so that everyone can find anything they need. It is a work in progress of course. As I declutter and organise a drawer, shelf, cupboard etc, I think about the logical place to locate those items and write them as a note in my book. It may seem over the top, but can save many frustrating hours of searching for things or trying to access them from awkward places. It’s so liberating to see clear plastic lidded boxes with your shoes in, stacked neatly on the wardrobe shelf for instance

The second book is my homemaking journal. Every few days I will jot down ideas as to how I would like to improve my homemaking. How I can spend less but have a richer life at home. Sewing, knitting, crocheting gifts, homewares and seasonal decorating. Making cards, baking, home economy, Items to look out for at Charity shops (thrift stores) like vintage tablecloths, embroidery, cookery books, China and teapots. This book has helped my ideas begin to flow so much more than before.

I got a bit carried away here didn’t I?

Thank you for a really interesting broadcast Lydia. I listened while knitting a cosy hat for my friend who has requested that item for Christmas.

Lydia said...

Lesley, sleeveless clothing becoming so prominent is what led to the style of showing colored straps showing; sometimes numerous sets beneath the sleeveless shirts. Sleeveless tops revealed this and so fashion went with that look. They even designed shirts to look like it. Ladies used to be quite self conscious and embarrassed about these showing, and it was made into a fashion. Sleeveless is not flattering for all upper arms, especially as women age.

Lydia said...

Lesley I like your notebook idea and subjects.

lesley bambridge said...

It is toward women that most advertising is relentlessly directed , not men. Maybe it is because we are more eager to please, to fit in, and more easily beguiled. If we are independent, our own fathers or husbands cannot protect us and we easily are lead into life changing circumstances we deeply regret.

Caroline’s Cosy Cottage said...

My dear Lydia,

I have been a subscriber to your delightful YouTube channel for several years and thoroughly enjoy listening to your encouraging and inspiring talks.

I live in England (Hampshire) and am reasonably local to the beautiful village of Chawton, where you can visit Chawton House - the penultimate home of Jane Austen. I do so love to visit there and soak up the atmosphere as I slowly stroll the the picturesque setting. There are video tours and of the house itself on YouTube and should you and Mr Sherman ever have the opportunity to visit England, then I highly recommend that you pay a visit there.

I absolutely agree with your comments and observations regarding sleeveless attire. I love to dress in feminine clothing and, as a Christian, I am of the opinion that we ladies are commanded to also be modest in our dress standards.

I would like to take the opportunity to express my gratitude to you for hosting your blog and presenting the “Homemaker’s Radio” broadcast .

Lydia said...

Blogger Lydia said...
Dear Ladies, your comments give me good subjects for future content. I’m always looking for fresh perspectives. Regarding sleeves, I’m reading through that book to see if there is anything about knees. In my day we didn’t regard ladies knees as being attractive enough to display and it was thought that it could ruin the slim look of an outfit.

Karen S. said...

Miss Lydia,

I'm so happy you are enjoying The Lost Art of Dress. It's the book I didn't know I needed! I receive input in my facebook feed from some people running pages that depict history in various places. I see many photos of people and I notice that typically people look well put together, even if it is clear that they come from modest means. I think we really used to try harder in this area. Nowadays one can see people out and about in their pajamas (including slippers) sometimes! We must be the good example.

Thank you, :-)

Homemaker's Heart said...

You are so creative and inspiring. Thank you. I walked in Italy this week too. I would get lost in the scenery and stop walking to watch, it made me laugh at myself. So beautiful though.