Sunday, May 19, 2024

Summary of W & D Video Series (Elizabeth Gaskell)

For anyone who has just bought the Wives and Daughters video series, I summarize the story and insert my own observations of the characters on the video today. 

I like listening on any device to the story on LibriVox  while going about the myriad of things I need to do around here. 

This herbal tea was from The Little Prayer Tea Company

I walked with Lucy Wyndham-Reade in a European city. 

The dress I wore is made from this 1980s pattern:

This is the summary of the movie series. Some people like to see it for themselves first, and that's okay. I'm making this available for anyone who just wants the summary of the story.

The last chapter in the book was not the garden party, ( as I stated in the video) but rather Roger’s visit to the Gibsons. 

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