Wednesday, May 01, 2024

More Ideas for Home Life , Motivating Young Women at Home

Hello Dear Ladies,

I hope you are enjoying being at home and have great plans for improvement.

Today the white lilacs are in full bloom. 

I like to "stealth sip" by placing an elegant cup in contrast with the wild nature around it.

Today I made this cinnamon-clove-ginger tea just for the lovely scent that swirled around the room.  If you don't like to drink some of these flavors, the tea packets can be opened and set inside of drawers to scent them naturally. 
I have been remembering some of the creative things I have done in past hard times. One of the things many of us at home did, was to freshen up the small trash containers we used in offices, bedrooms and bathrooms, by lining them with paper bags with hand-cut decorative papers. We thought it was an elegant primitive look, back in those days.

I compared the weaker vessel on the left, to the stronger vessel. In my speech I tried to explain how the more delicate vessel represented the scriptural description of a woman, and the other one, the man.  Though the more refined cup holds a lot of hot water, if it is not treated carefully it can be chipped and not be able to provide the beauty, refinement and service that it was intended to be used for.  The stronger vessel, the tin cup, will endure a lot of wear and tear and even if it gets scratches and dings while it is used in a rougher environment.  Both are good for what they were made for, just like men and women.

I talked about ways to encourage young girls to want to be keepers at home.

You saw this outfit on me with the apron, at home . If I have to go somewhere or for a walk, I'll add this jacket.  Dressing up at home is actually easier because all it takes is an apron over it at home, and a jacket over it when at the grocery store or on a walk. 

I appreciate you all more than I can explain. Your comments motivate me.
Also if I owe you a letter, I have not forgotten. I plan to answer and to catch up with my postal obligations.

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Today I was in the sewing room, which doubles as a girl's guest room. You can see all the feminine touches behind me. 
Please enjoy your home while you listen:

In this speech I was referring also to 1st Timothy 5:14 teaching young women to marry, have children and keep house”. I did use Titus 2:5 also and I tend to use those two verses interchangeably. 

I hope to read "Keepers of the Springs" in full, without comment, in a future broadcast.
Also, Wives and Daughters is still on my mind and I will try to discuss the next paragraph of the first chapter, with a possible "assignment" for anyone who wants to make Wives and Daughters part of a summer reading program.  The videos are well done and follow the book descriptions quite well. I like to immerse myself in them to pick up things about the Victorian customs, architecture and design, clothing, recreation, conversation and much, much more. 

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Angela said...

Oh Lydia I have not listened to the vlog yet, I will when I exercise in the morning but I just had to say how much I love the visual of women and men!

RV Girl said...

Good morning Lydia 🌞
I was happy to see a new video from you this morning.
I have been tidying my kitchen while I listened. I glued some pretty ribbon to a dollar store vase to put flowers in by my front door. Bit by bit I am making my home a more pleasant place to be.
I appreciate what you said about women working in stores on their feet all day. I used to do that and I can tell you it is very hard on the body, but anyone who needed a stool to sit on was looked down on as lazy. I would not go back to the workplace for anything now that I have been able to be at home. I have so much peace now, when before I was always so anxious.
Listening to you is very encouraging. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

Karen S. said...

Miss Lydia,

I'm so glad you have some white flowers at your home. I once saw (in a magazine) a whole garden done in different kinds of plants bearing white flowers specifically for the dawn/dusk time of day as it was said to give a very charming, even blue-ish, appearance at those times.

Even though I must work outside the home, my heart is there! And I continue to be grateful for your encouragements. :-)


Lydia said...

Karen I tho o that might be called a moon garden, featuring the white flowers that glow at nights. People went for walks in the moonlight on paths lined with various white flowers. We could do that by li I g our porches or fro t door area outside with pots of these.

Lydia said...

Angela, I left off some important observations about those two vessels, that scripture was explaining. I’ll try to do the explanation again. It meant that the weaker vessel can’t be used if it’s subjected to the wrong kind of work. A comparison between the male and female and their strengths and purposes.

Lydia said...

RV lady thanks for your first hand observations. Keep those in mind as you look after your child and your home.

Janine said...

Hi, Lydia! I'm finally home and able to go back and listen to all of the videos I have missed. You do such a great job of explaining WHY being a homemaker is so much better for a woman's mind and body, and you back it up with Scripture! Thank you for mentioning my channel...I ran into one of your listener's at a homeschooling curriculum sale who found my channel through you. I have Keeper of the Springs on my channel, since you are the one who told me about it! �� �� Janine

Marie said...

Mrs. Sherman, this was my second time listening to this video. So much wisdom. Thank you for sharing the example of the teacup being like a woman and the camping mug being like a man. That example sharpened me. There are things about the cultural mindset that never say right with me about how women are treated and expected to be just like men. I knew that Biblically we are different and for different roles but this example helps illustrate this so well. I love how you teach your family it inspires me. I am just so thankful to God that you share these insights with us. I am seeing a dress and your videos are one of the only edifying places I can go on the internet. Thank you.