Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Simple Character Lessons from Wives and Daughters

Hello Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

I hope all is well with you and if it is not, that you "are enduring it as best as" you can.

You probably recognize this Pemberley house from the 1995 Pride and Prejudice. These historical structures are often located near a body of water, where a reflection can be seen.

When a puddle forms during the rainy season, it amuses me here at The Manse to see my own Pemberley reflected in the water. 

The comparison to the real Pemberley does not leave me a bit jealous. I have enough trouble cleaning The Manse.

Tea brands are coming out with attractive titles for their teas, hoping to win the business of the literary people. They haven't made Wives and Daughters yet.  You could make your own blend from your herb garden or your spice collection in your kitchen.

I like the Wordsworth editions of some of these books. I also like the Lamplighter catalog, but have not found Elizabeth Gaskell or Jane Austen books in their collection yet. 

The movie series of Wives and Daughters can be expensive, but the three discs amount to a little over $6.00 each and it is worth far more for the treasure that it contains. For a summer or winter W&D program, watch the videos and emulate the activities, take note of the beautiful scenes, sketch the costumes or take pictures, and catch some interesting phrases used in the dialog. 

Necklace: Walmart

Apron: Hobby Lobby
Cotton knit cardigan: Walmart

These three photos show the dress,  worn with an apron for housework, and with a cardigan for errands in public (grocery store, post office, etc.)

I enjoyed a 15 minute walk with Lucy who exercised around London.

The Poem I read,  "Drop a Pebble in the Water" is posted here with a good commentary on its meaning. 

Lady Cumnor's forthright quote that I talked about:

"Now Claire, when I think a thing, I say it out loud. I don't beat about the bush. You have spoiled that girl of yours until she does not know her own mind. She has behaved abominably to Mr. Pweston and it is all due to the faults in her education. You have much to answer for."

Today I talked about some  simple character lessons from Wives and Daughters valuable for harmony in the home:

-Learning to refuse responsibilities that are not yours (Molly taking notes to someone as a favor to Cynthia),  

   -doing things that affect other people: (Mr. Gibson springing life-changing news on his daughter after arranging it all without letting her get used to the idea). Its always upsettling (and cortisol producing) to be involved in something that someone else has arranged without your knowledge. 

- promising things that affect other family members, like a ripple on the water without consulting them and considering their feelings and how it will impact their health or their sense of well-being (Molly promising her step-sister not to reveal the difficulty she is facing).

These are things that must be learned in the home and if they are not, they are experienced in a more harsh way in other places.

Please enjoy your home while you listen.


lesley bambridge said...

Yes, it is better to learn these lessons in the home, around our own family, rather than in a more harsh way out in the world around people who do not care about your welfare. I am still learning lessons,- but fortunately as a wife, mother and homemaker, living life contentedly and peacefully at home.

What a beautiful dress you are wearing today, Lydia. I love the soft green colour. My friend and I are planning to sew a few cotton tops soon. I will be looking out for a similar fabric to your dress

Thank you for a nice relaxing video. Although I have not been able to watch all the way through yet.

Marianne said...

Hello Lydia,
I was so happy to see your post~ my husband and I just spent two 12 hour days in the car driving home from CT where our son and his family live and the video was a welcome respite while I did laundry this morning. You look especially lovely and feminine in that dress and necklace.
I am reading Wives and Daughters right now and loving it~ such gracious speech and dignified ways, beautiful descriptions of the setting. I have watched the dvd's multiple times.
Have a great day , and remember, "stay close to Christ" !

Lydia said...

Thank you, ladies. I’m hoping to expound more on your observations, in future talks.

lesley bambridge said...

Oops! I never call myself Les 😁 That was a typo

Angela said...

Oh what a lovely room! Like being in a peaceful cloud!

I have begun reading Wives and Daughters and am enjoying it very much.

Instead of telling people that I have to ask my husband, I say "I will need to pray about that" (and I do). People tend not to argue about that I find in my vital years. : )