Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fun on the 4th

Years ago we decided to celebrate our independence by having our own parade and our own celebration, free from the crowd, from the dangers and the loud noises. Firecrackers frightened my baby and I decided it was not worth going to some of the public celebrations, finding parking, and being in the heat. Ever since then we have had our own harmless fun. Read more about our flameless firecrackers at The Pleasant Times .

We kept these Victorian firecrackers in a big round tin

Painting "Seaside Memories" by Susan Rios.


Mrs.E said...

Happy 4th! May you enjoy it in the company of your family :)

smilnsigh said...

Oh thank you for letting me know about your other blog of 'The Pleasant Times.' Oh my how lovely! But, can't I comment there? Or am I missing the 'how'?

Love your illustration here. As you know, I do love such illustrations.

And now I must go check out 'The Girlhood Home Companion.' Is there such a magazine as 'Girlhood'???? Looks very like 'Victoria.' Oh my, my mind reels with the possibilities.


Anonymous said...

Susan T. writes,

I completely agree with spending the 4th at home with family. In our area the Fourth of July is usually the hottest time of the year and because I wilt and perish in the heat, we elect to stay close to home and shade (and air conditioning!) We prefer to keep away from crowds of unruly folks anyway.

I love the seaside artwork here - so peaceful and cool!