Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A Read Aloud Story..

for your husband and your children, here My Lily, (my daughter) reminds me of Laura E. Richards, a 19th century author that we studied quite a bit about, and memorized her poems. Laura had four children that she used as themes for her stories and poetry. One of her babies liked to sleep across her lap on his tummy and she said that his back made a very good desk for her notepad. Laura E. Richard's mother was Julia Ward Howe, who wrote The Battle Hymn of Republic. She wrote about her parents and their accomplishments later in her life. Reading "The Babyland Ferry Boat" may make you feel a wave of nostalgia for Laura E. Richards and her children dancing around her in the nursery.


Anonymous said...

Your grandchildren are very blessed to have such a creative, imaginative, intelligent, fun mother. Maybe she inherits those traits from her mother? :) Those precious children are going to have a wonderful childhood. Great job! L.M.L.

Lydia said...

Actually it goes back to my mother. She is a natural story teller. It skipped me and went on to Lillibeth who always had the Samuel Johnson tendency of creating a story even out of disappointments ;-)

Mrs. Anna T said...

"One of her babies liked to sleep across her lap on his tummy and she said that his back made a very good desk for her notepad"
- Is there anything sweeter than this?
I love telling stories too. Children are wonderful listeners!

smilnsigh said...

Thank you for the link. Just precious.


Kimberline said...

The story and pictures were quite enjoyable. Thanks for the link to your daughter's site. I ended up bookmarking her website as I seem to end up there after I visit this blog, then Guarding the Home blog anyway.

Any day that I can be online I go into my "Encouragement" bookmarks and go right down the line to check for new articles. When I need to feed my brain, I look here or at LAF. When I need to find energy to work I go to Laine's letters and am in the process of reading those through for the 2nd time alphabetically. I used to love to put one or two of them up on my computer to savor after doing a particular challenging chore :)

I make it by here almost every day and still like to go back to read older posts occasionally. Any new article is devoured voraciously one time, then read again at a more leisurely pace later.

When I need to see something beautiful other than the posters on here, I go by mantel of the month or the cottages website.

I've stopped going to forums filled with grim news and complaints. I've cleared off my bookmarks gradually so that the ones I have kept are the encouraging or quite useful informational ones.

I am in the process of clearing email addresses too. There have been many people that I kept in touch with just for the gossip. I needed to put that behind me. Others I kept in touch with out of guilt. I've prayerfully been culling that address book and keeping the true friends and letting go of the ones that are not. It has been cleansing. I have more time now to write to the people that I really care about and find myself now ~really~ praying with thought and no hurry for my friends who ask for prayer or who are truly in need of it. This has been so great a blessing. I should have done this years ago!

Life has been so much sweeter since I took these steps to simplify. Thank you for being my favorite spot to stop by.