Monday, July 16, 2007

News and Notes

The fashion editor of the web, Miss Lillian, is back, with a new fashion idea at The Pleasant Times . The book, shown on the left, "Just Breathing the Air," is available now. Mrs. Chancey will update LAF possibly August the 1st, because she is so busy. If you are new to homemaking and really want to make the best of it, I would urge you to explore the sites listed on the left, which recommend useful books, and also read these books and periodicals to get you started. Other readers can post their

Swans Near Gazebo by Chiu, from Also check out the other 575 paintings by this artist by clicking on the name "Chiu" or typing it in the search area. They are wonderful.

Any by Emily Barnes, including "The Spirit of Loveliness"

Cheryl Mendollsen's "Home Comforts."

Linda Lichter's "The Benevolence of Manners."


Sherry said...

Dear Lady Lydia,

I've had to be away and it is taking a while to catch up on all your wonderful posts. During my reading, it occurred to me that I would love to have reference to many of your responses in the comments sections. These are worthy of separate blog posts themselves!

Have a blessed day.

Sherry said...

I'm putting this in a separate comment because I'm sure you will want to check it out and then decide what, if anything, you want to do with it. I just wanted to let you know that the first Carnival of Modesty is up at There are some really nice posts linked to it. The carnival's owner is, and the next carnival will be up at

Sherry said...

Sorry! Just one more comment--promise--for now! I just wanted to say that I love your poster store. :-)

Amy~~ said...

I just found your blog thru another one and I adore it.I too long for the graciousness of a time gone by.I see so much selfishness and plain meaness in young women today. It's sad and I'm sorry you got negative comments.
I have always loved victorian architecture and been drawn to the warmness of it.My husband and I built our own "dream" Victorian about 11 years ago. I've lived in other homes but none has ever made me feel more at "home" than this one.My children feel the same and are very proud of their"old time" house!(I have some photos on my blog)
Thank you for your wonderful words and for inspiring me today!

Kimberline said...

Amy, would you please share the web address of your blog? I would love to see your Victorian home. I am trying to learn how to put pictures up on my website but am really struggling with it. I am thinking of how I could share what my home looks like with ladies here. I just enjoy seeing how other women decorate so very much. When I am able to share what I do as far as decorating or gardening, it encourages me to keep going with it :)

Ah I just got an idea! I wonder if the house plan we worked off might still be online?

YES!! This link is to a home that looks very much like ours. This was the original plan but we made some changes to it, of course, but it is a way I can share a house that "almost" looks like mine :) When I figure out how to put my pictures online I will share them through my website.

Maybe that will work?

I hope some of you other ladies will share your good ideas and lovely homes, too!


Theodora Elizabeth said...

LAF was updates several days ago.

Also, the author of the "Home Comforts" book is Cheryl Mendelson. Just wanted to make sure ladies had the correct spelling when they went to look up the book. I love this book - I give it as a wedding shower gift.