Monday, February 27, 2012

March/April Tea Time Magazine

This month's Tea Time magazine has an interesting article about the Taylors of Harrogate tea company.
The man who tastes the tea wrote that Yorkshire Gold is his favorite. He is such a good tea taster that he can tell where the tea is from, just by sampling it. We supply Yorkshire Gold locally (we do not mail it except to good friends), and it is always in demand.
Such pretty pages inside the magazine, all focusing on pink roses, make it appealing. If you cannot get the magazine, you can still enjoy a lot of it online here.
Where I live, there is very little difference this time of year between the dark, foggy, windy, stormy, rain or snow-filled days, and the dark nights, so the pretty pages in this publication were a welcome sight in the mail. I subscribe to this magazine because it gives me such a lift when I go to the mail box. It is enjoyable to get it in a store, but there is something special about having it come to your door!

Someone recently told me that she had no qualms about buying Tea Time or Victoria magazines, because she considered them part of the curriculum for her home living learning and enjoyment! These publications are available at Walmart in the book and magazine section. It is an expense, I agree, but as one woman told me, it is part of the payment, or a perk for the loving labor she gives to her family and her home. We don't have vices, and do not care to participate in the prevailing culture, so we might as well have a nice book or magazine.


Amy said...

Oh, I really enjoy Tea Time magazine! I'm a bit of a shy hostess, but I've gotten some good ideas from it. I also like Victoria and Southern Lady, which all come from the same publisher.

Lydia said...

Amy thanks for the reminder. They are all good publications from Hoffman media,, and I think they are doing a good job with reviving the Victoria magazine. And their special classic issues are a joy to be had. They seem to be more careful about making them timeless by not including so many wacky fashions of the day.

Rightthinker said...

Oh I need to find this magazine! I need to get lost in it and the rare to find in practice!

I do like Victoria and Southern Lady.

I used to love Better Homes and Gardens, but they have become so "green", and so longer are the articles and pictures simply about beautifying a home and garden, but about so many other things I don't support.

Additionally BH&G deals more with planting zones that don't work here.

I will buy a copy of Tea Time next time I am out! I look forward to enjoying so many beautiful pieces!

God Bless!

Farrah said...

I recently renewed my subscription for both Tea Time and Victoria. I am anxiously awaiting both! I agree that it is a useful expense. My only qualm is that they are too short!

Have a wonderful day!

Lydia said...

They are nice things for your home. That being said, it is still wise for mothers of young children to go through the magazine first before setting it out on the coffee table for young eyes. Not everyone is as conservative as you are and the publishers may or may not include ads that you might consider in poor taste. I sometimes just place a clipping of a rose from a garden catalog, over some part that I dont like, not for children's sake but for the fact I want my coffee table book or mag to be nice in every way for visitors, male and female, and i have a right to alter it if I choose. Usually, however, both victoria and tea time are okay, but it is always good to be aware.

Trish said...

I love my collection of older Victoria magazines!
Some 20 plus years ago, I discovered it and had my newsagent put each issue aside for me.
The newer Victoria is not quite as good (in my opinion) but I still buy the occasional copy if I think it's content is worth the price.
I have not seen Tea Time in my Aussie town.
It looks lovely and I'm looking forward to visiting the website.
Thanks for the link, Lydia.

Lydia said...

Trish, i think the old ones were better in so many ways, however, the ads did not seem to match the theme of the magazine or the mood. This time around, they seem to be (for the most part) more careful and they put in ads that are more beautiful and are more in line with the Victoria mag. beauty. In the first issues back in the 80's, it was reviving Victorian themes, but the ads seemed to say "we are not really Victorians and we are modern" I like the newer ones for the ads, at least, as they are places like Make Mine Pink and Shabby Chic sites galore, as well as things that are hand crafted, instead of so many commercial ads for things totally unrelated to the mood of Victoria. However I do agree there was something much more careful and sweet about the older issues.

Tricia said...

I just received my copy of Tea Time today! My daughter, age 5 and I try to have tea together every afternoon and have made many delicious recipes from the magazine. I am hoping she will always want to have tea with her mommy, as I cherish the special time with her!

Anonymous said...

Lady Lydia, I really agree with you about the ads in the older Victoria magazine....they didn't seem to fit.

I think what I miss in the modern Victoria is the model photo shoots with them dressed in old-fashioned clothing. I loved seeing the vintage hair and clothing styles.

I am not familiar with Tea Time, I'll have to give that one a try.

Lydia said...

Michele, you can go to and send them your suggestions. They welcome feedback to help them make the magazine better. In fact they once sent out emails to ask for people to send them ideas and suggestions.

Lydia said...

Rightthinker: the problem with bhg and country living and other magazines these days is the poor quality of paper, and therefore the photos are not as nice. I think Victoria is getting thinner paper too. Southern Lady remains a bit more high quality as far as the over all feel of the paper and the photographs. However you might not like the photographs of the women, who seem more trendy in hair cuts and clothes.

Lydia said...

I keep the best magazines for years and years and get them out again. Every month I bring out the current month of old Victoria, Southern Lady, Tea time and Romantic Homes. Since I only bought the issues I wanted, I know I will like them again and again. Now there are at least 5 issues of each month, so I can use one each week and re examine the recipes and other ideas.

I personally do not find these magazines to encourage women to be discontent, but rather, MORE content with home life, as they see natural things used for decor, or use of old things that everyone might already own.

Jenny said...

We drink Taylor's Tea at the Women's Institute meetings I attend here!

I subscribe to Victoria magazine but am really tempted by Tea Time and Southern Lady. I just need to find a site that will post to England!

I love the old fashioned and quaint nature of afternoon tea. It is a lovely ritual but one that the modern world is often too busy to make time for.

Anonymous said...

Magazines can be such a wonderful encouragement (choosing the right kind) and they don't have to be current to be enjoyed. I am fortunate enough to now live within walking distance of a public library. They have old issues of such magazines as Southern Lady for 10 cents a copy! I can't tell you how happy I am when I see a new stack of magazines on the for sale cart! Ladies, check your library for bargains like this! Blessings, Marie

Farrah said...

I do the same. Please read today's post on my new blog. I was formerly The Old Fashioned Homekeeper.

Hazlnut said...

Strangely, I don't seem to be able to find 'Tea-Time'magazine here in England. :( It looks lovely!
I heartily agree that a pretty magazine that inspires and re-motivates us is definitely a good thing!
Alex/ 'Hazelnut'

Lydia said...

I will post links to these magazines to read them online, although the online versions often vary from the printed ones. Howevever they are on kindle and other forms of electronic reading, and you can print them if you find a page you'd like to have.

Lydia said...

The tea taster in this issue said that he had not anticipated nor accounted for the extreme loyalty to Yorkshire Gold, and had been in the tea business for 27 or so years.

Deanna said...

Dear One, Enjoyed stopping by your place this morning. Our Kansas temps are brutal this morning at 5 degrees. I confess I'm still a coffee drinker vs tea.

I loved those days that were foggy when I walked to school as a young girl. Pretended to be in London.

I fell in love with the Victoria Magazine over 20 years ago. Still enjoy it!

Sweet Blessings to you and may you have a fantastic February,