Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Slumber My Darling

Sweet and Low by Jessie Wilcox-Smith

I've added another song to my playlist,  a Stephen Foster (1826-1864) lullaby called "Slumber My Darling."  I hope you will go listen to it here.

A Mother's Joy
by Besse Pease Guttmann

Here are the words:

Slumber, my darling, thy mother is near,
Guarding thy dreams from all terror and fear,
Sunlight has pass'd and the twilight has gone,
Slumber, my darling, the night's coming on.

Sweet visions attend thy sleep,
Fondest, dearest to me,
While others their revels keep,
I will watch over thee. 

Slumber, my darling, the birds are at rest,
The wandering dews by the flow'rs are caressed,
Slumber, my darling, I'll wrap thee up warm,
And pray that the angels will shield thee from harm. 

Slumber, my darling, till morn's blushing ray
Brings to the world the glad tidings of day;
Fill the dark void with thy dreamy delight--
Slumber, thy mother will guard thee tonight,
Thy pillow shall sacred be
From all outward alarms;
Thou, thou are the world to me
In thine innocent charms. 

Slumber, my darling, the birds are at rest,
The wandering dews by the flow'rs are caressed,
Slumber, my darling, I'll wrap thee up warm,
And pray that the angels will shield thee from harm.

On the upper left of this blog is place where you can see a sample of a lovely Jacquie Lawson animated card for free, each month. Be sure and go look, because the art is so pretty and the scenes uplifting and traditional. I love the way she paints scenes from a table looking out a window onto the meadow or the sea. It is hard to believe she is in England, as she does so many cards for American holidays and they are just as sentimental and inspiring as we would have them.

A new heart for a lady who loves purple. It has a little purple clothespin glued on, holding a card with her name.  I prefer pink and red, myself, but this lady is in her 70's and loves lavender and purple best. These lace cards are supposed to be similar to the Victorian Valentines, using paper scraps and bits of sewing notions.

The table is being set for the Ladies Bible Class Tea and Lunch. Pink chargers are available quite cheaply at Michaels and can be purchased separately for about $1.50 upwards to $2.00 apiece depending on the sales. There are a lot of other colors too.

If you want to make a nice setting without buying things, try cutting huge pink hearts from scrapbook paper or construction paper, and using them underneath the plates.


Anonymous said...


You simply must let us know how your ladies' Bible Study tea goes; Oh how I wish I could be there with you!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty table setting! I like the chargers so much, I am going to get some today. It's nice to see uplifting things like this that anyone can do.

The valentine you made for the lady in her 70s is very sweet. I like the added touch of the clothes pin.

Diane Simmler said...

My Plates!!!!!! I bought a set of those dishes at Woolworths in 1985 the week after our wedding. We used them for years until the boys started arriving! Then I set them aside and have been using Corelle ever since, (except for a brief stint with some Pfaltzgraff Heirloom.) I have them all in my daughter's hope chest, but this reminds me of them, and makes me think it would be nice to take them out and use them again! the only time I've ever seen them again is when I found some plates at a yard sale about 15 years ago and snatched them up.

Lydia said...

The dinnerware is called Apple Blossom by Arcopal, made in France. It was sold at Walmart in the 1980's in Texas and has a similar quality as Corelle or Corningwear.

Ginger said...

I love pretty things.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Jacquie Lawson link. The cards are delightful and my daughters (aged 5 and 2) love them too. It is nice to have something pretty and wholesone to show them on the Internet! My littlest one keeps saying 'Again! Again!' each time they finish.

Kind regards,
Paula (UK)

Anonymous said...

I just watched the youtube video of Alison Krauss and Yo Yo Ma performing the Stephen Foster lullaby. I simply have no words, just the deepest, tender emotions welling up in my heart. Thank you, and thank you Stephen Foster, who suffered in this life, and I pray that the angels took you straight to heaven.

Lydia said...

The youtube recording has a little glitch in it where it skips a few words. You can read the words along with the song if you'll go to my playlist and click on the last song.

Just click on the playlist video and then click the rectangle on the line beneath the video and the forward arrow will appear. Forward the songs til you get to the last one and then click play.

Anonymous said...

My girls have been making those paper doily hearts too!

Lydia said...

I like Yo Yo Ma, also, and have heard some of his classical music, which I hope to add to my playlist. I think also he is a generous performer who is not just content with being a successful musician, but tries to encourage others to learn and play and record. and he shares his own music by telling others they can use it to accompany their own instrumentals.

Yo Yo Ma performs with many other singers and musicians besides Allison Kraus.

I have just added a clip of him playing "The Swan" by Saint-Saens, so be sure to go listen. It is the last clip on my playlist.

You do not have to actually watch any of these videos on my playlist, as you can listen only if you prefer.