Friday, February 03, 2012

Hand Crafted Box

This decorated box is really an empty tea box covered with the scrapbook papers I showed in the previous posts. The decorated lid is made of cardstock covered in the same paper, with embellishments glued on: sticker diamond, old buttons, scrapbook rose medallion, and a scrapbook key given a raised look with puff paint. 

Trace around the box on the blank side of the scrapbook paper. Trace all but the lid of the box, rolling the box to the sides and the back.  Do not open the box to lay out flat, as it will not trace as accurately, since the folds take up more space. 

Cut out the paper and swirl some glue around the paper and the box to secure the paper.

Make the top by printing the pattern below on cardstock, cutting it out and tracing it on scrapbook paper and then gluing the paper on to the cardstock piece.

Cut the inside flaps off the box.

 Fold strips of paper to glue on to the corner edges to cover the ends of the paper and give it a smooth finish.

I used puff paint to outline the fancy edge of the top.

Put some glue on the top (the original lid)  of the tea box and center the top on the blank side of the lid you just made, allowing the edges to hang over evenly on all sides.

The edges of the box top should hang over like this:

If you click on for a larger view you can see where the strips of paper have been used on both sides to cover the cut edges of the paper.

This holds a sandwich and some wrapped celery sticks, slices of cheese and a small piece of fresh fruit and is great to give to someone who has to leave for the day in the car and will need some snacks.  It could also be used for other things such as a sewing kit or a crayon container. 


Cynthia Berenger said...

How pretty! I love this idea for a Valentine craft or to help children learn how to organize their small treasures.

Agape always,

Lydia said...

I am making several of these and using them to send home the foods from a tea party for the ladies who are unable to come. Other people will take the boxes to them. They will include some favor type gifts, a tea bag, and a small card.

Anonymous said...


Debbie's L'Bri said...

Lydia, wonderful idea.
These boxes are really cute!

Anonymous said...

How beautiful! I just used tea boxes to send some homemade valentine candies to loved ones far away. I found that these were just the right size and I left the wax paper insides to close the candy up. I so wish I would have thought to decorate these boxes like this! I am going to do some to put on my shelf to hold gifts.
Thank you so much for your paper ideas.
blessings - carol

Rightthinker said...

I sure do love these boxes, Lady Lydia!

Where do you find your most treasured paper to wrap them in?

I am thinking this would just be a lovely winter's end project for my girls and I to do..we have a small hoard of tea in boxes that could easily be condensed, and then make these for the girls to look forward to lunches in their playhouse in the nice weather to come!

It's just a lovely idea!

Blessings today!