Friday, May 31, 2013

A New Friend


Today a senior resident in the seniors caravan park brought me thse apples grown right here in this area: Granny Smith, Pink Lady and Golden Delicious. I chopped one and cooked in the tiny crock pot, drizzled with a little honey and then added Devon cream.

The lady invited me for a cup of tea, and then upon learning that I valued tea cups, reached up high to a shelf in her kitchen and gave this cup! She bought it in 1948.
In her home was this sturdy, colorful dryer rack.
She gave me a book she had written about the history of the Mornington Peninsula, which contained pages and pages of her own drawings.
Included in the book was the history of the Tyabb packing house, which was used to process tons of apples. The Tyabb packing house is now an antique store, and next to it is the old red train that is now a tea room.
Lelia Shaw and me.
I wish I had met her weeks ago and had visited her often but the end of my visit to Victoria is near.

I was taken on a tour today by another park resident to see how the other half live---that is, the part of the population outside of the caravan (trailer) park lives.

I was so happy to find these Australian tie tacks for the men in my family.


These pictures were supposed to catch the lights of Melbourne in the distance.
Betty showed me the bedspread she crocheted. There is a story behind it which I might tell, later.
When I got home i found another treasure. It is a cutting knife that has a handle that has the flat side up; more comfortable to use.

A friend showed me a website that sold Candle wraps for led lites. I wonder why I did not think of making them. I made some with paper, today, cutting around the paper to make a melted candle effect.




Donna said...

Very nice post. Love the beautiful bedspread. I Love the book she wrote, and she gave you such nice things.

Mary said...

Dear Lady Lydia, thanks so much for the trip. I have thoroughly enjoyed it! You have inspired me to host two friends for a small breakfast tomorrow. Our patio is very modest but I will place a tablecloth some roses from my garden and serve omelletes with my home grown vegetables. You have shown me that no matter the circumstances, one can be creative with what you have and positive. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Oh, what a beautiful tea cup! Hope you are having a wonderful time.

Homeschool on the Croft said...

What a wonderful woman to have met! The cup and saucer ... oh my! They are delightful.
And the *book*! What a pleasure for you to be able to read that having met the lady who *wrote* it!

Oh, I loved that post - off to look back at it at leisure ... and savour it. :)

living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I have so enjoyed my trip with you! I adore your stainless tea pot. I also think the laundry basket was wonderful and a brilliant idea. May you finish your trip quickly and get back to your family soon!
Blessings, Roxy

lynn said...

Just soooo many lovely topics on this post! Your new friend, how you did the apples, that your friend crocheted the bedspread (!!!),your top with your skirt, the shots of the ocean and pictures of you in the various places....that clever knife...the sweet teacup and to be given it by your new friend...such a creative lady too. It is so lovely to be on this tour and trip with you, Lady Lydia...even tho you are very far away from us, you are also near with the wonderful posts you share with us. I hope too, your mom is doing well in the retirement center...what will happen to her caravan now?

lynn said...

And how could I overlook your led light wraps? They turned out great!

lynn said...

Once more....I think the lady friends who have befriended you there are so dear and they will miss your presence I am sure. It is so wonderful how Betty has cared for your wellbeing with all she has done for one other lady wrote...bring her home with you. Also, bring home your 'new friend' who wrote and illustrated such a fine little book. Both would make such great neighbors for you! But at least you have wonderful memories to carry home with you of them and maybe you can skype them too! Glad you are sharing so much with us. Such a meaningful trip it has been for us all.

Mrs. Crane said...

This has been a treat for those of us who journeyed with you via your posts! Please do tell the story of the bedspread. It is lovely.

Gill said...

That pretty little knife looks like a fish knife to me, although I have never seen one with such a clever twist to the handle! It would make it easier to slide the blade between the fish and the bones wouldn't it?