Saturday, February 14, 2015

A Lovely Day

Above: from Victorian Trading Co.

The flowers at the Safeway grocery store were in abundance.  I was so tempted to buy some but restrained myself. Please click on the roses, above, for a larger view.

I am mad about these white hydrangeas but will hold out for the potted version for my garden.

This hydrangea has pink on the petal edges. mmm!

Would you like a fresh bouquet in each room?

More flowers at the grocery store.

I took the above picture to show all the glittery pots!

I acquired one of the smaller containers and put a potted rose in it.

Some of the bouquets had the crystal stick pin inserted in each rose but they were completely sold out today. 

Below are pictures of the artificial flowers at Dollar Tree today

I already have a bouquet of the velvet-look white roses, so I tried not to be tempted with these, but they were sure appealing.

Here is a bright spot in he new Women's Weekly, a cheap magazine that is always cheerful.  I only get one after flipping through it at the grocery store if there is something in it worth keeping. 

I will be saving this page for my scrapbook or framing it.  So vivid! Please click the picture for a larger view!

This glitter heart inserted in my wall candleholder is brightened by the daylight coming through the opposite window.

I wanted to share that I have a new kettle from Hamilton Beach Company to boil water and it has an automatic setting which heats the water when it gets cold.  When no one is home but me, it is like having a friend get hot water ready for me when I want to make my frozen-berry tea. Just hearing the water click on makes it seem like there is someone in the kitchen getting things ready.  I love the little comforting noises when the house is quiet.

Someone will ask me about the orphan saucer sitting  under the teacup. It is called Meadowside and I have never seen a matching cup.  I got this one at a garage sale.
I live that scene and hope to immitate it someday on a patch of lawn.

Below is a simple heart I cut freehand today and outlined with silver glitter paint from a tube.

I do not have anything smart to talk about today as I am absorbed in housekeeping, but I am thinking about it :-). I hate to see a day full of soft and pretty celebration elements end.  This should go on all month. Please be sure and check out the blog links on the left to see other people's flowers today.


Unknown said...

I have been enjoying the flowers in the stores this week also. My husband bought me a dozen roses that are a unique color sort of an orange/red so pretty. One of my favorite flowers is Hydrangea. I have many artificial ones in vases in my home. I would love to grow some. My tulips and daffodils are peeking out of the soil this week.

Alex said...

Dear Lady Lydia, what lovely flower displays ~ and how hard it must have been not to buy! A potted hydrangea in the garden is longer lasting, though, and they are such beautiful colours: my favourite is the dusky blue/green.
I agree about Valentine season being too short. That's partly why I enjoy Home Living so much ~ I can be sure of finding something to do, make or think about that is feminine and lovely.

Dawn said...

Up here in MA we are buried in snow so it's a real pleasure to see so many beautiful bouquets in the grocery store.

I also was very tempted by a bouquet with a hydrangea. It was $12.99 so I resisted and settled on a $3.99 bouquet of red, pink, and white daisies which do look lovely in my creamy white teapot.

About a year ago I made a few dozen tissue-paper flowers you had blogged about.

They are so simple to make yet look so lovely. I think the key is to have an abundance of them in a vase. I found the more I made and stuck into the vase, the better they looked.

I just wanted to thank you for sharing such a simple and beautiful craft.

Miriam said...

Lovely, lovely flowers!

My mother used to say that 'Every flower is a message from The Almighty'. I strongly agree!

Lydia said...

I have a story a out those tissue flowers: someone came over and spotted a bright bouquet I made and said it was so nice I could get flowers this time of year and she thought carnations were the best...she indicated she thought they were real

anonymous said...

We had our son, daughter in-law and little grand daughter over for dinner on Valentine's Day. It was their fourth wedding anniversary.

I bought giant strawberries at the store and dipped them in melted milk chocolate for our desert. The store wanted $2 for only two small ones in a tiny plastic box.

I bought two boxes full of three
inch long berries for $6 and two bags of choc. chips for an additional $2 and made 24 dipped berries which fed six people all they could hold with leftovers today.
Janet Westrup.

Julian said...

So beautiful! I love flowers! Thanks for sharing!