Saturday, February 21, 2015

Saturday Sharing

Hello Dear Ladies,

Today I am simply sharing some things around my home. Above is an African Violet I got so I could have a fresh bouquet in my home at all times.  I would love to buy the gorgeous bouquets I see in he grocery store but the thought of spending $15.00 on something that might only last a month or less, makes me recoil.  However I came home from my outing with a happy heart because Safeway has a big bucket of roses by the stem. I was complaining in a previous post that they no longer let you buy one rose. I bypassed it for the African violet. I will put bouquets in the house when I have an open house or an afternoon tea.

While in Goodwill looking for a green sweater, which I did not find, I happened upon this cup in perfect condition with no sign of wear at all and it was only $2.00.

  The name of the pattern was not on the cup. It looks like a tree blossom of some kind, such as apple,  and it was delightful to see because it was is a quiet little print that is so sweet and has such an innocent feeling. Tree blossoms are so fleeting that it is good to have them preserved in bloom.

It is a Duchess brand from England.

I know ladies and family members who like to sit a spell for tea, and although I do have a set of matching cups, I always like to serve tea in something new to people who have already used my other cups a number of times.  I notice they always reach for the new and different cup.

I found three more practically new cups, and they were only $2.00 a set.  I will reserve two to use as gifts.

This one is called Briar Rose and is made in Germany. I am very proud to have this because I have found very little china made in Germany. It also shows very little wear and tear, as you can tell by the rim on the saucer. 

There is a bud on the side of the cups that matches the saucers.

Also today the flowering  quince  was so bright. Too bad I did not find a cup with that vivid color, to match. :-)

The sunset privided some color through the bare tree limbs.

Below, I found this on Pinterest under "old trucks" and I thought: "I have one of those!"  If only I could stage a picture like this.  The only thing I ever thought of doing with the old truck was creating a flower bed in it.

Below: a recent Susan Rios painting in her Etsy Store.
If you have recently become a homemaker I hope you will take some time to add a few special things to your home so that your heart can be nourished by the beauty of things that are lovely.  Home can be a reflection of Heaven, and can influence even the most reluctant people to refinement and love.

The last pictures, below, are on lend to me by a friend, who wants me to choose one for myself that she intends to give me.  She uses special art markers on poster paper.  I cannot decide, so I might have to buy them all!  I enjoy the posters I often put on my blog, but I especially like art from people I personally know.


A. Law said...

Thank you for sharing these pretty things.
I always look forward to your posts, they are so cheerful and encouraging.
Keep up the good work, Lydia.

Unknown said...

The teacups you found are just beautiful and what a great bargain. Our homes are our beautiful sanctuaries and what a privledge to be able to continue to beautify them.

Julian said...

Beautiful teacups and flowers! Christina

Donna in CO said...

Your friend with the special markers is really talented!

I enjoy your posts so much, mostly because you have an eye for God's beautiful world and the beauty provided by God's talented people.


Rachel and Family said...

So lovely to look at!

Huskerbabe said...

Your picture of the African Violet made me smile. My grandmother has always had African Violets in her kitchen. She is in hospice now and doesn't have much longer with us but she still has a pot of her favorite violet near her bedside. :)