Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Every Day Is A Gift

Hello Dear Friends,

Today I have a few thoughts. Maybe you have something to add to them.  I appreciate your comments.

-I remember when I was much younger how sad I felt if any day was "ruined" by unpleasantness. It could have been a plan that cancelled, a recipe that did not work, some sewing  that needed to be unpicked and re-stitched.  An unexpected expense or a fickle friend could be very discouraging.  Being  able to look back is a real advantage. Now I see how the Proverbs 31 woman could "laugh at the time to come."  

-Every day is a precious, but because of the other things going on around us, it will not always be the way we personally want it to be.  Other people and events will mess up our plans and our goals. We have to develop the attitude that although there can be nonsense going on around us, we can have peace inside of us and not lose our minds or give up. This is a fact we need to teach our children so they wont be discouraged. 

-Sometimes when you take a risk to do the right thing, it seems like every thing is against you, but it can be a test to see if you really mean what you say, or live what you believe. Yet in spite of any conflict in your day to day life, you can have peace and happiness within. 

-Housekeeping is a lot of work, and it is good to include some time to rest and refresh and dream. Include in your routine the things that need urgent attention and the things you would dearly love to do.  It is good to have that balance of duty and creativity.

-What should our reaction be to any setback, or anything that threatens our mood?  Do more of what you are doing and do it better.  It is a way of overcoming the negative. Clean and beautify the home, eliminate things, go through boxes of storage, and get back to sewing or the things you enjoy.

Look deep into the following verse and observe that there will be problems in life, but you can still have a calm assurance.

John 16:33  These things I have spoken unto you, 
that in me ye might have peace. 
In the world ye shall have tribulation:
 but be of good cheer;
I have overcome the world.


living from glory to glory said...

Dear Lydia, I appreciate this sound advice! Because everyday will have its own troubles. But as we age and grow in grace we learn to laugh at these troubles because we have been prepared by studying God's word and growing in grace. The Proverbs women had to do the same thing as we are not just born with these Godly qualities!
I agree that we need to take time in the day to refresh ourselves and think of something beautiful and as you said creative.
Yesterday I tea stained some lace for a future project! Blessings to you and all you set your hand too!
Love, Roxy

Anonymous said...

So very true...Our Lord gives us each and everyone, a day to glorify Him in our endeavors. So good to be reminded that every day is truly a gift - His Gift! Thank you Lydia... mari

Polly said...

This is such solid, wise advice. (I say this after having *just* ripped out a seam in a wool skirt--made a mistake!)

I especially appreciate the suggestion to have a balance of duty and creativity. I think this gets lost in homemaking these days as people over-focus on the duties, tasks and chores and under-focus on the creative life. People ask me frequently how I have time to do some of the creative things that I do. I have to be very intentional and carve it out, that's how!!!

Thanks for these wise words. Every day is a gift.

Lydia said...

Remember Christian in Pilgrims Progress. Along his journey all kinds if things tried to stop him!

Anonymous said...

It is a blessing to me that your wrote this post today. A situation happened today that is likely to bring some opposition. I appreciate your reminder to keep focused on God and to allow His peace to rule.

Unknown said...

Wow! I love that movie Pilgrim's Progress! The book however is much better! Yes Ladies as long as the day is still moving along we have time to right those wrongs! Thanks.

Unknown said...

Thank you for this post. I tend to get discouraged when I have cleaned the house and my honey's here leave messes after that. But I am trying to remember this is a journey and not a destination...I can enjoy the day even if it presents some challenges. It is truly about balance. Making Cinnamon Rolls's cold and snowy here.