Monday, February 23, 2015

Monday Morning Moments

Picture: Better Homes


In a few moments I will begin my day of duties at home and I thought it would be nice to elaborate  to the new homemakers on how to have a good beginning:

-Bathing, fresh clothes, (that make you happy to wear)shoes (functional but attractive to you) hair and makeup before anything.  These things have the power to set your mood at optimistic for the responsibilities ahead.  If you have been unable to get started and it is now noon,  why not start with these things anyway.   You will be ready to greet someone at the door or for a sudden trip to town if necessary.  I often get ready in the morning and then am available if my husband wants me to accompany him on one of his calls.

-A list that includes things that must be done, in order of importance, and things you would like to do. The like-do-do list will motivate you to finish the must-do things.

-Going out in the morning while the businesses are open, for essential errands.  Some people do this on a weekly basis and others, when they are best prepared.  Since I share a family car, I get things ready and wait til the car is free.

-Work patiently from your list, being flexible when meals need preparing or unexpected messes need cleaning. Always go back to where you left off and eventually it will be done.

-Quiet time to sit and read or gather your thoughts, get inspired, revived.

-Stop oft for prayer, asking for help with your goals.

It is important not to give in to hopelessness or listen to negative news, for it may de-rail  your efforts and demoralize you. Life is too short not to accomplish anything. Keep on the track and keep the goal in mind as you work.  

Homemaking is a "high calling."  Press forward toward that high calling!

Painting by Fred Swan


Unknown said...

I got started rather late this morning but I do like to feel put together before I proceed by having hair and makeup done. I just enjoyed a cup of New England Blueberry Muffin loose tea while I did my Bible Study. Next I will read while I do laundry. I saw in my email news site all sorts of headlines that could really demoralize a I never read them. All is well with me and the Lord.

Lydia said...

That tea--sounds wonderful!

Candice said...

Your posts and insights are awesome! Thank you for your faithfulness.

Anonymous said...

I find myself ready for the day by getting dressed, with light makeup, jewelry and then I don my apron. After this I feel ready for the day. Thank you Lydia for sharing your wisdom with all of us. Mari

Unknown said...

Thank you for this reminder as it is definitely a timely one. I am so glad you reminded us of the importance of getting hair and make up done, I'm a self proclaimed single homemaker (I do work outside the home though but I'm striving to make my home more and more a priority). I am struggling in the area of hair and make up because I have absolutely no routine for it. Have you done a blog post about this?

Lydia said...

By routine do you mean what sort of way to cleanse the skin, or are you asking how to include personal care in the working day?

ForHisGlory said...

Did you have one family car when your children were small? We are blessed to have more than one vehicle, but I think I would be totally fine with just one if we needed to. An idea for a blog post, if you haven't already, is to give tips for being a family with only one car. I think it would save a lot of money! Another wonderful post you have here; I always enjoying reading your blog. :)

Polly said...

This is so true. Just this morning I was thinking how great it feels to be nicely dressed and ready to greet the day. It makes all the difference, to me, in how I feel and the attitude I carry through the morning hours. I think my children appreciate it!

Tammy said...

Thank-you for this post - it is so helpful to hear what others do for a routine, and I agree that getting myself ready makes me feel prepared for anything in the day ahead. Sometimes I second guess myself, and since I am at home and make my own routine, I wonder if it's important after all. But it always seems to be helpful. My husband is a pastor, and he notes that it is often those without a routine that fall into depression, so I think we housewives do ourselves a favor to do this.