Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Beauty at Home

Good Morning Dear Ladies,

Today I am publishing for the first time from email to see how it works. I actually miss the big clunker computers because there were many publishing features that the new gadgets do not have. 

I enjoy the homemade Valentine cards  of this season and hope you will type in the search area on this blog on he upper left to see some of the original cards I have published with patterns for anyone to use. I like that so many bloggers are making at least one card or craft of this season, and enjoy seeing the materials they use.  There is nothing pressured about the Valentines season, as it seems to only require a nicely set table and good food.  I like to make a special dress to wear and create new tablecloths or placemats.  The flowers are not expensive if you go for the bedding plants, and use dollar store pots like I showed in the previous post called The Delights of the Day.  A dollar is all you need for some velvet type artificial flowers in pink, red or white, at the dollar store. 

Loveliness has been on my mind lately, possibly due to all the Valentines Day promotions. It is cheerful to go to the market or look at blogs and see the variety of things that are so soothing and make the heart lifted.

When the most grungy jobs at home are viewed with and ending of beauty, they are accomplished with much more optimism.

A few questions arrived from ladies who want me to address certain subjects, and I am formulating some possible answers. Of course I always look forward to reading your answers as well so be sure and leave comments when there is a subject you are interested in.

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Unknown said...

I have also noticed really beautiful items in the stores during Valentines and upcoming Easter season. In the thrift store I frequent they set up a red and pink section with florals, knick knacks, tea cups etc. It is really enjoyable to look at.