Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Making A Daily Entry

I know there are some people who do not like to make lists, and occasionally I have given them up. However I find that even if I am overly ambitious with the list, the act of writing it helps to get my thoughts in order.  When I have not had a list, I am not as assured and the day fills up with unexpected things.  It is like all those distractions are waiting to come in, the minute I stop keeping any kind of a routine.  So today, since I have quite a bit to do, I am leaving just a short post about my notebook.

I found this one at the dollar store, and since have seen there are a lot prettier ones there. There is a bookmark tucked into a little plastic sleeve and I like that.  I use small notebooks so I can actually fill them up. Thicker books soon lose their covers or become worn out.  I find a new book each month or so is so cheerful and optimistic.  Each time I get one I think I am really going to outdo myself and get some extra things done.

I tuck extra sheets of paper, for my list, in the back.  I do not save these unless they have something on them which still needs to be done.  My shopping list is on the back of this daily list.  The book fits in my purse but I prefer to leave it home and just take the single sheet of paper containing the lists. 

I probably only get three things finished, but I still like to make a list because it gives me some reasonable goals.

Inside the book I write what I actually did that day, like a diary.  I may include my menus and the names of people I wrote to or spoke to, and I might mention anything I purchased. If I wash the windows or some other non-daily job, I mention it, because it helps to have a record of things, as days go by so fast, I sometimes wonder if I ever get anything accomplished, but this household diary really helps.

It is always nice to have at least one space in the house cleared for writing!

I am still working out some sketches for sewing, in anticipation of showing all my plans here soon.

Until then I hope you have a lovely day. If you have started out disorganized, it isn't too late to make your list, dress up a bit, and start.

Here is a favorite poem to reflect on, which reminds us to do what we say and live what we believe:

“You are writing a Gospel, 
A chapter each day,
By deeds that you do, 
By words that you say.

Men read what you write,
Whether faithless or true;
Say, what is the Gospel
According to you?”

― Paul Gilbert

Lately I have been trying to make one small thing each day, so I will not be too disappointed for not finishing larger, more involved sewing projects.  Today I created new handkerchiefs for my DH and he thinks they look like something from a high-end Victorian gift shop.  I used permanent fabric markers to pen the initials.  These are made from muslin, using an older handkerchief as a pattern.  Men have many uses for cloth hankies, (cleaning eyeglasses, wiping things, a soft surface for anything, etc. and not everyone likes paper tissues.  I particularly don't like the Kleenex left in pants pockets when laundering. They are hard to detect, and if a cloth one goes through the laundry, it is not a problem.   

This  oblong list pad with tear-out pages also comes from the dollar store.

I insert a few of these pages inside my spiral notebook.  Because they are loose and separate from the notebook, I can use them for ongoing shopping lists and daily to-do lists I can throw away later.  I use both sides of each page.

Here is one of different pattern, from the dollar store. These are nice notebooks and make me feel like being neater and more organized with my planning.


Linda said...

I keep a notebook for my home-making tasks,as I have a bad memory for!
This way I can keep up with when I cooked a certain meal(so I can be sure to use up left-overs). Also it's a good way to keep up with when I mailed a bill or checked on an ailing friend.
Your diary so pretty.I will have to keep an eye out for one like that.
It would also make a nice gift.

Enid said...

I agree that lists do help in keeping track of jobs that need to be done daily, weekly and monthly.

I make my daily list in the morning and pray that it is in line with Gods plan for me that day.

I also have nights when I can't sleep with all that needs to be done and it keeps me I get up and make a list and it relieves the stress and I fall to sleep!

Miss Betsy said...

Lady Lydia, you have the prettiest handwriting!

Ellen Seagren said...

You do have pretty handwriting! I like your idea of using a smaller notebook and replacing it often. I use a composition notebook for menus, grocery lists and to-do lists. By the time I'm finished with the notebook it's a mess. A new, pretty notebook would be a treat - I'm off to the dollar store!

Antheia said...

I only get to be a homemaker for 2 weeks, since I have to work but am off for an injury, yet I'm encouraged by your listing process and lovely notebooks! Even when I return to work (unfortunately) I'll find it useful. And again when, someday, I can quit my job to stay home. :)

living from glory to glory said...

I really think this post sparked my interest to get my days lined out in such a way to see my progress! Your pictures inspired me to get moving this morning!
Have a wonderful weekend!
Hugs, Roxy

Traditional Simplicity said...

Hello Lydia~ I love the idea of writing what I accomplished each day. That is a very neat perspective. One that gives a feeling of success rather than looking at all that is not done yet.

I'm curious, you've spoken about writing your daily list and the importance of having plans and projects, do you keep this in some sort of binder or other folder to help when it comes time to make lists and plans for the week?

Lydia said...

In the back of the notebook I keep a yearly list of things I want to do, which I refer to for my daily list.


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