Monday, May 11, 2015

The Window

Dear Ladies,

I so appreciate your visit and in hope it is worthwhile.  I got the above picture from Pinterest, because it reminds me of the simple window scenes of long ago. All we needed was the flour-sack fabric and an old tea cup with a plant in it, to adorn the window area.

A friend in Pensylvania sent me this picture of a a bouquet sitting at her window.  I also like the kind of stained glass thing in the middle.  Those little hanging pictures used to be so prevalent, even in dollar stores, and now, nary a one can be found. Some had rose designs, and others, birds, even tea cups.

Just to make a window pretty is an uplifting thing, and to create a little view outside with a bird feeder or birdbath or a small arbour, adds something more.

A stained glass hanger for a window.

There is a technique for making stained glass with vellum paper and WAC crayons, and there is a tiny coring book made of vellum from Dover.  


Anonymous said...

Hello Lydia :) I have two of those stained glass windows hanging on my front room. They bring a smile to my face each time the sun catches their brilliant color :0) what a lovely picture your friend shared with you... mari

Mrs. Thompson said...

I like those stained glass hangers. They add beauty to any window. I saw recently that there are coloring books for sale of intricate beautiful designs like flowers for adults to color...what a relaxing way to be creative. I loved coloring as a child and didn't realize it is coming back in adult form. One could frame it also.

Christina Gomez said...

Pretty windows! Christina

Sreim said...

Walmart sometimes sells stained glass windows hangers you can paint yourself.

Anonymous said...

These photos are stunning!


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