Friday, May 01, 2015

Approaching the Day at Home

(photo credit: Country Door catalog)

It is encouraging to read blogs that show how to approach homemaking in a professional way. Some things authors may bring to attention are: Your appearance at home, and your work ethic:-being busy, looking around for things to do, using good equipment - especially for cleaning, treating the home like an important place, organization, and much more.  Using business as a model, some ladies who write about homemaking stress the importance of being efficient with time, professional in management, and good stewards of family posessions and property.

Of course, it has always been known that ladies do their best in home making when they have a reason that goes beyond the job. Their love for their families , plus their appreciation for the house, give them the motivation to "work with willing hands" to create a wonderful atmosphere at home.

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Christine said...

When we decided that I was to stay home, I took it as a job. My husband worked outside the home and I worked inside the home.
We then had more time together.