Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Touring the High Desert


Here I have the photos taken on our tour of the high desert. From a certain angle, I thought this rock formation looked like a castle. How would you present yourself at a castle if it were by special invitation only?  All these colors are giving me ideas for fabric, dinnerware designs, and household matters. The sage brush has a very string scent here, similar to menthol or mint.  It reminded me of a kitchen dish soap I once used, called Sage, which had a very strong scent.

The lupines.

Usually I do not get pictures of myself, but since I had a photographer along with me, I have one here for you. I dont'really have red hair. The sun was extremely bright and the photo seems to be enhanced.

Another view of the castle.

This horse was so friendly and followed  us for quite a ways. 

Some of the rocks looked like pulpits, with other rocks clustered like a congregation. Wouldn't it be sweet to hear the gospel spoken out here? The Psalms say, "Let the heavens rejoice, and let the earth be glad; let the sea roar, and the fulness thereof. Let the field be joyful, and all that is therein: then shall all the trees of the wood rejoice" Psalm 96:11-12. What lovely personification.

That castle.

Not much need for captions in this post!

The collection I brought home.

Above: the cotton fabric in the dress I was wearing was just like the blue of the sky and the colors of desert flowers. I used a Neumode pattern (from Germany) for this dress. It was a perfect dress to wear in the hot sun.


Unknown said...

I really like the back of your dress in that picture. I wish I could see the front. The sleeves are lovely. I love your dresses and drawings of dresses. I have sewed many dresses and nothing really turns out well. I keep thinking maybe I just don't have the right design to be flattering, modest, practical, feminine and not too costumey. It's hard to get that ballance.

Dawn said...

Yes, those cliffs/rocks really do look like an old, old castle.

What beautiful countryside! Lots of colorful flowers, a lovely lake, awesome rock formations.

And you made a horse friend to boot.

I would love a better look at your dress.

Alex said...

What a stunning landscape! The wild flowers are charming, some I recognise, but some not.
I love your blue sky and flowers dress ~ that last pic is so pretty, with just a little touch of movement.
Blessings, and hope you are keeping well!

living from glory to glory said...

Hello Lydia, I so enjoyed this post, Now for sure I want to visit ;O)
You look lovely and your day adventure is what a lady needs...
How we can be refreshed by being inspired in the great outdoors and God's creation!
Flowers and water and mountains are so pretty!
Yours, Roxy

Unknown said...

Your photos are beautiful and could be used as lovely postcards! I love the way that your clothing reflects how you are inspired by the best of your surroundings! Your dress was really pretty and feminine.

Dawn said...

What a pretty dress! And your jacket/cardigan is such a gorgeous color. The majestic scenery and you in your pretty dress must've looked very much like one of the paintings you illustrate your posts with.

Susan said...

I have looked over these pictures many times now and still am amazed at the incredible beauty. The pictures look like paintings and so does your dress. What a lovely day you must have had. We toured the mountains here in the east the last few days and I saw so many colors of green that I can't even remember them. I would love to make a green dress to wear on our next trip and you have given me the motivation to do so. I too would like to see more details of the dress. Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures.

Lydia said...

The dress is shown on one of the "line of clothing" posts which you can type on the search area on the upper part of this blog. It's hanging on the line. It could be the spring line, but not sure. I am using iPad and the link won't go on live.

Lydia said...

The dress is called Summer Sky Roses, the name I picked, and you can type in that title on the space at the top left above the header of this blog. It's where the orange "e" is. The dress is shown in its full glory there.