Monday, May 18, 2015

Painting by Daniel Ridgeway Knight

As I am cleaning up a long-neglected utility room today, all I can share are these pictures on a rare sunny day.

I have included some things I never finished painting. I am looking forward to the finished project.

Something else that needs paint.

Above and below:  other things needing paint!


Christina Gomez said...

Beautiful yard, flowers, and antiques! Thanks for sharing.

Debbie Gnagey said...

I like all the quiet spots you have tucked here and there...I would love to take a book and a cup of tea and just take in all the beauty and serenity. Your shrubs and flowers are pretty, too.

Christy H said...

Looks fantastic. Beautiful yard and flowers

Polly said...

Your flowers are so beautiful!! And your house is cute. I live in a cute house and appreciate them very much! I think of it as a 'cottage' and try to garden to that end. Your blooms are lovely.


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