Thursday, November 12, 2015

Dressing for Worship

The Message in this video is about dressing for respect and success. Please click on the arrow to watch.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Lydia. Thank for sharing this video. It is good to know this and to remember it. Maria

Jaclyn Juliette said...

I couldn't agree more! I'm happy to live here in Manhattan, NYC where it is the norm to dress well, wherever one is going. I'm always shocked to see the way others dress when I'm in other towns/cities or other sections of NYC. Even my children are not permitted to wear jeans and sneakers to the corner supermarket! My daughter wears maryjane shoes. They're not expensive but look great! My 2-year-old son usually wears a "preppy/classic" style boot with khaki or navy blue pants. Items like those can be found on sale for cheaper than the cost of most sneakers and sweatpants! And they have no issues playing in the playground in the nicer clothes.
I've always been one to feel that tank top style shirts or dresses should not be worn to church. Even for a formal occasion in the summertime, a light sweater should be worn over an exposed shoulder dress.
Around here, the local culture is to dress well. It is rare to see a mother dressed in sweats at the playground, for example. One would certainly stand out.
I've always been one to say that the nicer clothing items needn't cost a lot! Personally, I love the sales and clearances at Old Navy. Great classic items for the whole family that never go out of style. A pretty sweater can be bought on sale for the same price as some vulgar tee-shirts!
-Jackie Juliette, NYC

ladypinktulip said...

When I was growing up we never saw jeans and t shirts in church. Our family still believes we owe our best to the Lord Jesus when we attend worship. My husband is one of the few in our church who does still wear a suit coat and tie. And this in a Baptist Church. The culture of casual has taken over in far too many areas. Even the bank tellers I see wear sleeveless shirts and tight leggings. With casual dress comes a casual attitude towards things. Love Kelly PS- I am really enjoying these videos.

Mary said...

I'm afraid I couldn't agree more. I remember how nice it was when people dressed up for church and other things. I never remember anybody being so poor that they didn't have at least one nice outfit for dress-up occasions, even if they had to wear hand-me-downs or buy at the Salvation Army. Thank you for posting this. My family and one other are the only ones who dress up for church. And he is right about secular institutions and places of work changing the tide and requiring their employees to dress a little better.