Monday, November 02, 2015

The Swing

Long ago ladies found that gentle swinging or rocking was quite beneficial to mind and body. Victorian porches were lined with rocking chairs and porch swings were hung under the eaves.  

This is one recreation that is so integral to life, than instead of paying for an expensive trip to get away from it all, why not spend the money on a glider swing, canopy swing or porch swing just for yourself?

I love the old fashioned rope and board swing, too.

...and so do children. It looks like someone has been playing tea party

and dress up!


Dawn said...

Your blue ribbon gave me a chuckle. :-)

Is that pink and white rope holding up your swing? Leave it to you to find feminine roap.

Yes, rocking is very relaxing. We had bentwood rocker and I used to rock my daughter when she was a baby. I don't know if all rockers do this or if I was too vigorous in my rocking, but I'd rock that chair backwards down the whole length of the room. Then move it back to it's original spot and rock my way down the room over and over. That got old fast and we ended up getting one of those glider sort of rocking chairs that stays in one place.

Lydia said...

I am trying to remember where I found that rope. It may have been in a pre-measured package from Walmart..I don't go very many places too far out of the way just to get one thing, but it may have come from the local hardware store. It is a red stripe rope that has sat in the weather so long it has faded, and looks pink in the photograph.


Rightthinker said...

I love the blue ribbon, Lydia! You are my blue ribbon dear friend, indeed!

The swing is gorgeous! My husband built a wooden swing set in the backyard, nearly a decade ago...I have swung there with my children, gently swayed on it in labor, and when I see my older daughters on it, sometimes a little tear runs down my cheek as I see them as they were those years ago: tiny and barely able to hop up on it.."Push me daddy!"

The swing has huge value in my own heart! Thank you for this post. :)

Mary said...

Your posts are unique!

ladypinktulip said...

The pink glider rocker and rocking ottoman are definitely where I rock away the cares of the day and pray unto the Lord. It is definitely a relaxing routing to swing or rock. Love Kelly

living from glory to glory said...

Hello, I laughed over your Husband humor, but I bet you did smile! I love to rock and I find myself rocking if I see someone rocking their child. I do believe we must learn to sit still for a moment and enjoy the quiet. It does seem to feel like we are doing something that calms are nerves and our minds that at times find it hard to slow down!
Lovely photos and words of wisdom!
Always, Roxy

Barbara Jean said...

Beautiful post Lydia.
Glad to be back visiting. Calms the soul.