Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Take Your Leisure

Leisure is a time free from employment, when you are not in a hurry.The dictionary definition of leisure is "vacant time."  During homeschooling, we had daily rest and do-nothing time where we could all slow down, calm racing thoughts, and allow our minds and bodies to rest.

Leisure is an important time to rest and get your thoughts in order: consider what you need to do and the things you would like to accomplish. "Take your leisure" means to take your time."

Sometimes, a few moments of leisure can help you get energy, ideas and motivation.

Leisure can foster feelings of contentment in life and in the home.

If you are at home, keeping house and taking care of others,  please do not neglect daily lesure time for both yourself and your family, for this is something that is reviving.

Without leisure time, it is sometimes slower and harder to get things done. Make leisure as luxurious as you can, using what you have.  One lady told me, "If i do not take my leisure, my family will not have the best of me. Without my rest, they do not have ME at all!"  When you do not take leisure time, it is easy to lose a sense of yourself, and your destination.  Even on road trips we stop and take tea, just to rest.

Over the years, i have thought  about this, and noticed when I say "I do not need to stop for tea today. I am too busy and accomplishing a lot and do not want to pause," there is a feeling of being hurried, and not a sense of peace.

(These are photographs of "Prairie Rose" English china, from Royal Ashton and Royal Albert.)


Donalacasa said...

Before I got to the last paragraph, I was reading but my mind was saying, "But I'm too busy!" Your photos are so beautiful and inviting. I need to schedule a tea time into my day. Thank you for the reminder.

living from glory to glory said...

Greetings, I laughed at the ladies comment, we are so wired to think we are just too busy, but we do need to stop and gather our thoughts and to give our best and not a half of me will do, when so many multi-tasking things just leave us in a whirlwind! The saying the hurrier I go the behinder I get is a true statement!
Happy Day! I will take time for a rest and tea today!
Always, Roxy

Anonymous said...

I have learned, Lydia, that it is necessary to stop and rest during the day. I have certainly learned this the hard way :0( but now...well, now, I pace myself and do not feel guilty for stopping to knit for a bit... have a blessed Thanksgiving! mari

Rightthinker said...

I take time each afternoon, for just a few moments sometimes, and it makes all the difference. I try to show my children how much I adore and value my role at home, and that as hard as I work, I also stress needing a few moments of quiet.

My children always have their quiet times, as well.

Great lessons, and I also find things suffer if I rush through my "break and rest" time, or take it standing up while still sneaking in some task, ha!

God Bless and have a very happy Thanksgiving!

ladypinktulip said...

I think I am more tranquil and creative if I make sure to have my leisure
time in the afternoon...it's just good to have a short rest. Love Kelly

Polly said...

This is such a good reminder. It is so easy to get too busy for leisure time, yet it pays great dividends to take a break. I also want to allow my children to see me managing my life well and working very hard when it's time to work but also enjoying rest when it's time for a pause. In this way I do think they get a sense of how life has its rhythms, and that's a good thing.

Secondhand Blessings said...

Beautiful pictures! It looks so inviting warm and cozy!

Homemaker's Heart said...

Thank you for allowing God to use you to post what is on your heart. For it is one's like this that speak deeply to me about not trying to "get it all done" today. Balance. Balance and self care sprinkled in my day is what makes me a happy woman who is not exhausted at the end of the day. Hugs to you. ~Dee