Tuesday, November 03, 2015


It is quite pleasant around here today.

Look at leg warmers and boot socks made from sweater sleeves, to get more ideas of how these can look.

These boot socks are from the original "spats" the ever-resourceful Victorians wore to make it look like they were wearing a pair of boots.  You can check it out on the Men's Emporium site featuring Victorian spats, 

Type in "Victorian Spats" and click images, and you will see a variet of spats. I have a pattern for sewing them, but the sweater method is a lot less complicated and the results are quicker. You can add buttons on the sides.

A sock sign at Hobby Lobby:


Suzanne said...

I love how you made those "spats", which I had not heard of, out of a sweater. How clever! I can't wait to read up on those a bit. BTW, a lady named Sarah Chrisman has written a very good book I am reading called, This Victorian Life. Her husband and her have adopted this lifestyle using primarily everyday items from the their favorite period of the 1880's-1890's. They have a website by the same name and a FB page. She is a delightful young woman and their story is one of intentional and authentic living I have found. Well, off to read about spats:-)

Lynn said...

I just love what you came up with today...can't wait to find an old sweater and make these spats and....maybe find the shoes at Walmart too!

Femina said...

What a lovely idea! Thank you.

Andrea R said...

I love these, Lydia! How beautiful, and simple. Nice addition to the wardrobe!

God bless!

Dawn said...

What a cute idea! Usually I wear knee socks with skirts in the colder months but some shoes are on the tight side and I can't wear socks thicker than nylons with them. This would be a good solution to that.

I saw the title "Spats" and I am so relieved it's about socks and not arguments. :-)

Unknown said...

These are very pretty and look warm for the winter. I wear dresses every day and started wearing knee socks in damp, chilly weather at home. I wear stockings with Peds over them inside my shoe for going out but these look like something I want to try! Thank you.

Unknown said...

I live in Lancaster County, PA and I asked an Amish woman how she kept warm in her dresses in the winter and she told me that she cuts down her old soft nightgowns that are flannel into slips that she wears under her dresses. I want to try that, too! We could lower the thermostat with the flannel slip and leg warmers with the addition of a sweater.

Homemaker's Heart said...

How fun! I never would have thought of this. I have been searching for some sort of boot to keep my ankles warm, but don't want to spend the money,and truth be told, most are not very comfortable. I love this idea with shoes I find comfortable already. We got our first snow last night, so I am going to hunt for a sweater I can use for this. Thank you so much for sharing.

Lydia said...

I had not thought of the synonym meaning argument! How funny!