Monday, September 04, 2017

Changes Around Here

Hello Ladies,

This little room looks a lot better as a guest room for a boy.  The room had been a butlers pantry, sewing room, office, girls room, a room with two toddler beds, computer room and an attic. So far, this guest room for a boy  is the best change. 

The name of this fabric is "correspondence" and the brand name is "Eclectic Essentials" made for quilt backing. It would be lovely curtains for wide Windows, and may even look good as slip covers for chairs and couches, although it is a thin muslin fabric . (Wish someone would change the name of this fabric. The speller keeps taking over and changing it to Muslim!)

The fabric is now washed and ironed and laid out on the sewing table to cut out a dress, which I hope to do when I clean this up:  I had unexpected company after breakfast and then we had tea. Generally my energy is better for extra projects in the early afternoon, but I may have to use that energy for the clean up. I don't think I can concentrate on my sewing.  I want to share some reality with you 🙂

 Half of the kitchen is clean. This is a great day for sandwiches. 😊

This print also comes in what I would call ink-blue, which also would be interesting to sew. You might see a garment on this blog when I get the kitchen cleaned.
The pattern, above, was one in my collection from the year 2010.

Since Vogue was on sale, I considered using this pattern, below, but cotton fabric was not recommended.  I would draw the neckline differently and make the sleeves more tapered.



Willow said...

Good morning Lydia, from a wet & gloomy England! How lovely to see your little room all ready for a guest to stay! So glad to see that your kitchen resembles mine .... I find it hard to settle to a new task or project if my kitchen isn't tidied away - but, sometimes, it's hard to face the 'big clear up' after company, isn't it?! I can't seem to get motivated at all today, so maybe I will just look through some of your great videos & posts to inspire me. I hope you have a good day, whatever your plans are.
Lindsay x

Lynn Maust said...

I am laughing...did you really mean to write 'thin Muslim fabric'? I know you you meant 'musliN'...maybe you can do a quick edit! Hugs.

Christine said...

I grew up with the saying, " Work first, then play".
I even said it to my children when they were growing up. It just feels good to "play " knowing you have completed your tasks.

Mrs. C said...

The guest room looks great! Looking forward to seeing the completed dress.

Jenny said...

That little room is quaint. What a cozy spot. I like the idea of butler's pantry, too. I suppose we all have reality, Lady Lydia! Enjoy your sewing!!

anonymous said...

I like the way you have decorated the guest room. Very neat and tidy, with all the necessary furnishings.

Your bee fabric is lovely and I do believe I also have the pattern of the first picture. Love the A-Line style.


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