Tuesday, September 26, 2017

When I Need a Change

Every now and then I need a change of routine and a change of scenery. There aren't many places to go or tea rooms that don't cost a lot of money. It's just cheaper to be home.

There are some days that seem to say it's time to go somewhere!

A different tea set sometimes helps...

..as well as a different location somewhere at home...

...or a friend to sit with for a few minutes. 

Painting by Gregory Frank Harris.

All pictures today are from Pinterest.

Now this is a little something I wish to relate to you from my childhood on the Alaskan Homestead.  (It is not in my book.)

We would all get sick sometimes and be confined ever so long to the house. It would get very tedious and in those days some people who lived alone would go stir crazy and walk out with no coat into the snow, trying to go somewhere. 

 Mother gave us all paper, crayons and pencils and encouraged the little ones to draw and color places they would like to be, and the older ones to write stories of activities and other places.  

We could create characters and draw houses and interiors and have an entire drama to distract us. Sometimes we would play-act the people in our stories. This gave us interesting dreams while recovering from common illness.

I was amused last week when one little grand child began pretending to be a king, and created a high-falutin' accent to go with it. One of the older grandchildren, miffed about taking orders from a king so much younger,  told him, "It isn't so great to be a king. They just sit in one chair all day and talk about the same thing."  The little one was undaunted. He changed chairs every few minutes and talked about something different. 

Painting by Vladimer Gusev


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

That grandchild sounds like a pistol. Was it his sister who told him to move along?

Mrs.O said...

I like the idea of a different location at home! We fried chicken outside last night in a kettle. We moved to a spot to find shade where we don't normally barbeque.
Just setting up chairs and a work table for chicken,flour,etc. gave us a new perspective.
Then we ate as a picnic! Children loved it and so did Daddy and mama!!
We have a child who is anaphylactic to dairy so eating out is never an option. I like getting ideas for making it special.
God bless

living from glory to glory said...

You are so right, sometimes we just need a bit of difference in our days! I try to do something different each day. I like to think spontaneous! I quick walk around the yard, or as you suggested a new tea cup for a cup of refreshing tea!
But I did smile over the sweet grand-child's fun acting out of just using his imagination!
And really it would get boring sitting in the same chair all the time telling everyone else what to do... Or NOT LOL
Hugs, Roxy

Unknown said...

Lydia, very beautiful words you shared in your letter.

Circle R Corral said...

Thank you for the inspiration to create pictures and stories of where we would like to be!