Saturday, September 23, 2017

How Can a Woman Quit Work?

I got this comment on an old post. As I am off and running to the farmers market this morning, I will only be able to post the question and hopefully with your help I can post some ideas on it later.

Thank you, Miss Lydia for your posts. I was a keeper-at-home for nearly two decades. I loved being the heart and guard of the home, something I know God entrusted me with. Yes, it meant living with only one car, cooking from scratch (my favorite!) and cleaning. As the children got older, my husband encouraged me to get a part-time job (to keep me from being bored;), so I did. I must tell you that was the biggest mistake I ever made. The part-time job was 20 to 25 hours a week, mostly nights and weekends at a women clothing chain store. Sure, the shopping was great but looking back in hindsight, it set me up for a decline. A decline in my housekeeping. A decline in how my children interact with me. A decline in (I hate admitting this) how I respect(ed) my husband. I would give anything to come back home. I surrendered my cellphone (never used it for much except wasting time) and I would gladly surrender my car and find a way to deal with my debt (acquired only when I started the job). Now I am in so far to this system, I am wondering how to get out, how to give up work and come home. Do I just pray about it and hope something will happen, or take some other steps to quit?

I will say my first thoughts are of a couple of ladies I personally am acquainted with who did not intend to quit their jobs but circumstances altered their course. One lady worked for a company that moved to a faraway location, and also eliminated her particular job. At home she was so busy she decided not to find another job and is doing well with her husband and children. Another friend got sick at work and while recovering at home found out her illness was work related and she stayed home. She is finding more to keep busy with than she ever did at work, and is doing well at home.


Mark Moncrieff said...

Dear Lydia

May I offer this Lady a practical suggestion?

From reading her letter I assume the thing that is keeping her working is debt, debt that has been acquired since starting the job. If that is so then budgeting is the way to get out of debt.

First, how much money do you need to get to work?

Secondly, the money that is left over should go towards paying off the debt.

For example if you make $250 then put $100 aside to pay for expenses and the remaining $150 is used to pay off the debt.

Of course the exact amount is up to you, but make sure that the money that is debt reduction does not go towards anything else, or else it will not work. If however you go off track don't give, up simply get yourself back on track.

Once the debt is paid then you can rethink whether you need to continue working or whether you can quit.

Good luck
Mark Moncrieff
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Lori said...

Trusting God always seems to be a faith adventure. The gifts and callings of God are without repentance so if you truly feel that God has called you to be home I am sure that he will make a way. I have done both, stayed at home and then went to work part time. Home always takes the harder hit and I could never keep up with everything that needed to be done at home and I don't mean just housework. I worked at a major clothing store but eventually they started cutting hours and closing stores. I wasn't making all that much and I don't think it truly helped all that much but was more tired because I took on an added burden.

God sees your heart maybe you can ask Him to give you the courage to step out in faith to return to homemaking full time and watch God help you with the financial end of things. After all, He helped you before you went to work outside the home, maybe He will help you again.

Lydia said...

Lori K. Great advice. I agree with that.

Lydia said...

Good financial advice, Mark. In some cases, every cent of the wife's pay is now going to debt and all needs regarding day to day life are taken from Husband's salary.