Monday, March 11, 2019

New Old Things

Hello, I noticed in the last year a dearth of china type tea cups in the thrift stores, so I was delighted to find this one yesterday. I looked it over very carefully before buying, especially on the gold rim. Sometimes that area is all worn off down to the bone of the cup, and it isn't pleasant to use.
(from Pinterest)

 In past times, ladies would use the worn out teacups to plant a violet which they grew on their window sill just behind the sink. Most homes had a window from the kitchen sink so that ladies could observe their "kitchen garden" and look outside while washing dishes by hand.
From Pinterest

I don't have that feature here, so I hung a piece of fabric with a scene on it. 

This teacup and saucer cost a total of $1.50 with a discount coupon for donating to the thrift store.  Both Goodwill and Vinnies has that opportunity, so I always keep a bag by my front door in which I put things that I can donate, collected while I clean house or go through boxes and shelves.

So, since this was a Royal Albert cup, made in England and not really "new" it is a new-old-thing around here, and I was delighted how it went with the new Tea Time magazine which someone kindly sent me. 

You probably wonder why I don't talk a lot about "weightier matters" and am merely posting teacups.  It is an interest of mine, and over the years I have discovered that in years to come, I will still have the teacup, but the news will be obsolete.  What care I for the latest news scandal when I have a new-old teacup. 

Of course I have received some criticism for doing this, but you can find all that stuff online, on the radio, the television, in the newspapers, everywhere,  But do you think, for example, a cooking magazine or a decorating magazine would be as attractive if it were riddled with the controversies of the day?

That being said, people make controversies over the smallest things, I have noticed. Back in the 1950's no one argued over some of the things the news blasts out there for us to bite our nails over.

I have stated in one of my videos that to take care of the people you love helps them to be less burdensome on others, and they also can grow and develop their talents when you focus on them instead of the rest of the world. View the rest of the world as though you were a tourist and enjoy life, because much of the controversy is staged and calculated to get a desired response and attention from you.

What really matters is the atmosphere and activity in your own home. In years to come, you won't remember the daily news, but you will know by heart the events of your family.

There is a lot going on in your own home, that it would fill your own newspaper. That is generally what a blog is about.

I have my eye on this umbrella:
It goes with this fabric:

I'm not outside in the snow if I can help it, but I'm dashing through my house trying to get kitchen and laundry all done, so I can do a video for you.

I am trying to make the videos into categories now, such as inspiration, sewing, dressing,   homeschooling, living on the upside, and others.

Thank you for your kind visit and donations. I'm getting ready to show something I've sewn, and I just need some time to put on finishing touches.


amulbunny's random thoughts said...

Lovely teacup. My kitchen window looks at a high wooden fence. Nothing lovely about termite ridden wood.
Hope your snow melts.

Lydia said...

Anne, Nice to see you. Maybe some ivy will grow over and hide the fence.

Lisa, thanks.

Ladyambersparrow said...

I find your site a respite from all the news bombardment we experience daily. My husband notices my smile when I read your latest post. Nice to reflect on the beautiful things in our world. Thank you for this

Lydia said...

Thank you, lady.

Mrs. Paul said...

Oh Lydia, don't ever change a thing. I love coming to visit your lovely home and see all your tea treasures. My Precious Husband is a news junkie - all very conservative news and it wears me out hearing all the bickering back and forth. I no longer subscribe to magazines but have saved all the many years that I did receive Tea Time, Victoria and Southern Lady. They are all classic and contain such peaceful photos. Blessings on your week Lady Lydia!
--Dorothy in Arizona

Mary said...

You provide us with a wonderful change from the negativity on the news. This is the reason why I read your posts. You are always uplifting and give my day a bright spot. I personally love to have you share your thrift store found treasures. Thank you for sharing. God bless!

lynn maust said...

amulbunny...could you not attach lengths of string from the ground to the top of the fence and grow flowering vines up them? (Lynn M.)

Tammy said...

I, too, appreciate your blog just the way it is. Your perspective is very helpful for handling the "weightiness" of life in a godly way, so thank you for sharing your wisdom!
I have always wanted to have a window over my kitchen sink, but I have a wall. So I put a mirrored window there that reflects light from across the room.

Michele said...

“ View the rest of the world as a tourist and enjoy life, because much of the controversy is staged and calculated to get a desired response and attention from you.”

That is one of the most wisdom-filled sentences I’ve read in a long time. 🌸

And as an aside, I have an outside-of-the-home job that I am blessed to get to work from inside my home; I rarely wear dresses/skirts, and I have short hair. But I am a long time reader of your blog and I love it here! Don’t let the negative-Nellies get you down and please keep doing what you do. Yours is 1 of only 3 blogs that I read now. 💗

Lydia said...

Those who don't like skirts or dresses can find a lot of pretty tops to go with their pants.

Hartslove said...

"View the rest of the world as a tourist and enjoy life, because much of the controversy is staged and calculated to get a desired response and attention from you." I too found this statement profound and one to save and re-read. This also seems true spiritually, i.e., provocations instigated from principalities and powers that disrupt peace at home or within family units. Alexine