Saturday, November 02, 2019

Listen As You Go: The Five Star Home, Pointing People to Positive

Hello Ladies,
I hope you can get a lot done in your home, as you listen while you work.


Emmarinda said...

Hello Lydia,
There are so many many things I think of to comment upon when I see your lovely videos but time gets away from me. However, on this latest video regarding essential oils, I was all set to get one of those oil diffusers for my home and then I read the fine print which warned against using something like that if you have cats in the house as it can be very harmful to them. So this is even giving me food for thought about other chemicals and things I may be using in the home which are going to be perhaps dangerous to our little kitty cat. So I wanted to pass that along. Blessings, Gail

lynn maust said...

Emmarinda, you have pointed out something important. Thank you.

Rachel said...

Dear Lydia,
You look like one of the lovely, beautiful ladies in the pictures on your walls, as if you had come out of it to instill sweet feminine wisdom in our lives. Thank you! The corners you show us are so pretty, so inspiring. And your tips are really helpful. So many women speakers travel around the world in expensive suits to supposedly teach other women biblical truths but, as St Paul says, they are not teachers of good things, and after the effort of going there to listen, you don't get a clue about how to love your husband and children, how to keep your home efficiently and frugally or how to be a light in the midday of this dark world by dwelling in love, beauty and virtue. Thanks God for your work :)
I am curious about the books on your mantel. I'd love to hear your suggestions as we had tea together, but I live in Spain, so could you recommend us some of your favorite books? The Spirit of Loveliness is also one of the most used books in my little library, but surely you could share some others that have inspired you.
Answering uncomfortable questions is such an interesting topic. We all know that kind of people. I like staying in ambiguity and when they ask me if that item has cost a lot, I would say something like "Well, not as much as you'd think" and smile. Smile a lot. Then, as Jane Austen would say, you can change the topic of the conversation to the weather or the conditions of the roads ;)
Thanks again for your videos. Every one of them definitely makes my day or my week. God bless you.

Stacy said...

Hi, Lydia! Your videos keep me company while doing all sorts of things. This morning I chose to change out the summer bedding for winter things. We need the warm and cozy quilts and duvets starting about now. I laughed when I heard your suggestions about a five star hotel, because as I worked in that particular room, that was my goal! I love that I was already doing something you suggest! I so appreciate your wonderful teaching. I've been homemaking a while, although I'm certainly not an expert. I appreciate the encouragement to stay home and do the things that need to be done here. It's so easy to overlook the importance of homemaking, in our fast paced world. But the calmness and goodness of our work at home brings so much peace.
Thank you again for your wonderful videos!

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this talk today while I chopped up all the meat and vegetables for a big pot of beef and vegetable soup.

Regarding what you said about men not being quite as concerned these days about making sure their ladies are happy at home - that is natural considering the dominant view of our society, that women who stay at home are lazy and freeloaders. Often, a man goes to work and is told by his coworkers that he's foolish for allowing his wife to do "nothing" while he works - even that he could enjoy life so much more if he didn't have a family to support. Then the men come home with their minds poisoned, feeling resentful and certainly aren't thinking about how they can make her life more pleasant.

Lydia said...

Yes that is something that happens and I have heard it from the men whose coworkers are always ridiculing the fact that some wives are home. In the end it is never the government that changes the culture as much as it is the social pressure from other people.

Polly said...

I can't tell you how much I LOVE your videos! I listen as I go about my work--today I washed dishes, tidied up the house, cleaned my kitchen window, etc! I don't always comment simply because I'm listening on my phone as I go around (keeping the phone in my apron pocket :)) and can't always stop to comment. But I had to smile at this video. I love the idea of trying to run one's home like a 5-star hotel, and this point was driven home for me this year. My husband and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary this year. Most of my friends go on big trips (Italy, the Caribbean) for this type of milestone anniversary. We knew we didn't want to do that, but we couldn't decide what to do. We nearly booked a few nights at the poshest hotel in our area, but then one of us said "why not just....stay home?" And we looked at each other like--well, why NOT? So we took our children to stay with their aunt and uncle, and we had the best time staying home! We went hiking, went to antique shops, enjoyed the comforts of our own home, didn't have to pack to go anywhere, and dined at the nicest restaurants in town. It was so rejuvenating! And it was much, much less expensive than a big trip, or even 3 nights at the Fancy Hotel. I am glad we have a home that is so nice that we don't feel we have to leave it in order to take a vacation! :)