Monday, November 09, 2020

Achievement in the Home, Homestead Story

Today I talk about using circumstances to bolster your determination to achieve something.

In keeping with encouraging thinking on the bright side and leaving the nerve wracking network news, here are some Citizen reporters videos. They research much better and are not paid by the networks. 

Conservative Resurgence


Marianne said...

Dear Lydia, thank you for spending your time making another great video for us. Your talks are always informative and inspiring.
I especially liked hearing you talk about your book; I had looked for it online a very long time ago and admit I was shocked by the cost. I do hope you can get that changed as I would love to read it. What a special childhood you were blessed with! It was amusing to hear you read your sibling's names ; I was born in 1949 and those were all the names I grew up with! So 50's .
God bless you, Lydia, and have a wonderful day!

lynn maust said...

Your readers should know what the Democrat Party is planning for those who supported our President Trump.

Deborah said...

Thank you for another great video. I so enjoyed hearing about your memories. Your book sounds fantastic. I too have turned off mainstream news and am enjoying my new found freedoms at home. Thanks for the encouragement.

Lydia said...

I love the stories of your childhood and thank you so much for reading some of your book to us!

I’m so encouraged by your staying home and how that is bringing peace and productivity. I’m challenged to do the same!

Your counsel to avoid getting caught up in the news while we are yet raising children (or ever) is pure wisdom and I take it very seriously. I am grateful for the permission to disengage from the outside world and tune in closely to home and family.

As always, I get a great deal done during your talks. You teach me so much and you are great company! Thank you for sharing your time with us!


Laura Jeanne said...

I loved hearing more about your childhood. Your book is a perfect thing to read right now, so wholesome and good, during times that are not so good. And your childhood sounds wonderful. Thanks also for the links - the motivational speech is especially good!