Thursday, November 05, 2020

Something You Might Enjoy Listening to While You Work Today

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Hello ladies,

Yesterday I listened to something quite informative while doing my daily chores, and I'd very much like you to hear it too, if you want.  It is political and explains what is really going on with the delayed vote count.  It is VERY encouraging.

It now has its own video website and the report yesterday was most encouraging. Please get your husbands and sons to hear it too!!

Click on the picture of the president with the flags in the background, that says 
"Coup de e'tat which is episode 2320


Janine said...

Also remember that the AP "calling" a state doesn't make it true. The AP has no legal authority. They are doing information warfare. The end of Bannons show WarRoom today was highly informative on all that T can do. I enjoy the x22 report because he's so positive, and I've been recommending him, but this does sound far fetched. I hope he's right. I ckd my orig ballot today, since I voted in person, and saw the watermark he brings up...but it is visible... and it copies in the copy machine. If you are looking for a fraudulent ballot you could probably tell. But I think most fraud was lying people getting real ballots. Peggy Hall's video today on Was Your Vote Counted was really good. I agree with her that something is very fishy having conservative areas who voted Biden. Doesn't make sense with all the Trump flags and car parades we saw with our own eyes in these areas.

Lydia said...

Telling people they could not post any results —that was to give only certain media outlets the control.

Lydia said...

I saw Steve Brannon war room too and also watched Right Side Broadcasting

Janine said... today 11/6 was excellent. He admitted that the infrared info was speculation that didn't prove true - I like that he retracts when things are proved not true. That's very honest. He said a lot of good things today. I like that I don't have to keep up with things...I just listen to him as I clean up the dinner dishes. My hopes are going up each day!

Adrienne said...

Lydia, I'm a long time lurker and fan - along with many of my fellow lady political bloggers. Today's post made me sit back and say, Huh? And now I find out from your comment above you have watched the War Room and RSBN.

I simply don't know what to say other than, God bless you and all your readers and thanks for the link. I reposted it back on Thursday and linked to you. One of the comments from that post from an astute lady political blogger, Bunkerville:

Bunkerville • 21 hours ago
Interesting stuff... and Lydia of all people.... :) For some reason I enjoy her blog... I guess a reminder of yesteryear or what life should/could be about..... trying to keep the faith A... but this is a trial by fire.

Adrienne • 19 hours ago
I know. When I saw that link on Lydia's blog I was quite taken aback - not in a bad way, just surprised.

Bunk - God is in charge. What is going on is willed by Him. We are the people who have been chosen for this time and struggle. It's a privilege. Other people have been chosen for other times and other struggles which were in many cases way worse than our struggle. We'll be fine...

God bless

Lydia said...

Adrienne, As a veteran homeschooler from the 80's and a subscriber to Conservative Book Club, our family has been keenly aware of the cheating communists/marxists in our country and every Christian should be on to this. This is not about Republican vs. Democrat. Its corruption in high places in politics and is being sent down. Trump is not really a Republican, and theres a lot more to it than Christians realize. Its beyond him using a swear word. There is a lot at stake here. Its about becoming a communist globalist country or throwing off our oppressors.