Thursday, November 19, 2020

Homestead Reading, Household Hints

 Today I read more from my homestead book.  I have skipped a few of the entries (chapters) and will not be reading the entire book.  Instructions for ordering the book at the end of the post.

Cape dress I stitched a few years ago, which I wore today.

Book I read from: American Government and Economics in Christian Perspective,  teacher test key by ABeka.

The teacup I showed you.

To order the book "Just Breathing the Air"

Option 1:  Go to my  DONATE link  on the left , (which leads you to PayPal) and submit $34.00. In the area for a message on Paypal, leave your name and address and indicate this is for the book. I will have a copy sent to you from the printer.

Note:  I noticed today the price went up from the printer, because a tax was added for some states. It is now $38.00 to have this book printed and sent. This is the same price I pay when I order one for myself.

Those who already placed an order will receive their books at the earlier price.

Since this is a print-on-demand system it may be two weeks for the books to arrive in your mailbox.

Self publishing means that there are no books sitting in a stack in a warehouse. The book is on a disc, which is activated when an order is placed. The cost includes the printing, the tax and the postage.  The printing company takes a small amount for their services. 

Option 2:  Email me (click on email on the sidebar) and I will send you my address. Send $38.00 with your name and address and I will have a copy sent to you. My email is ladylydiaspeaks at

For those who are trying not to add more books to their homes, I've provided the reading of this book here, and will read more in the future.

Note: this book is self-published. Any copies sold in other places are not authorized by me, the author.

This is the X22 Report link I spoke of.


Janet W. said...

Your yellow cape looks so pretty with your auburn hair and I’m inspired to make myself some fleece garments this Winter.
I so enjoyed your video and reading today. What a great childhood you had. Just Breath the Air is right up there with the Little House stories. INSPIRING!
Praying you have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family.
Janet W.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

What a wonderful assortment of topics you discussed with us. It really held my interest. I love being able to work as I listen to you. You’re the perfect “on the go” companion as I have discovered I am more of an auditory learner. I remember how my children loved it when I would read aloud to them. Now I really understand how enjoyable it can be as you read to us as well!😊 The color schemes of your attire, teacups, and homey backgrounds are always beautiful! Thank you so very much for helping make mundane, ordinary tasks more enjoyable with these videos.


Cheryl said...

Lydia, love to you. You may not know how much you bless us ladies all flung far and wide, but you do bless us so much! I want you to know this and not to forget! Keep the courage and your gentle strength. Your little talks are like a visit with a dear friend.

Laura Jeanne said...

I enjoyed your reading from the Abeka book on government. I have never used Abeka materials in our homeschool, but I am starting to rethink that as everything you have read seems to be very good, well written and easy to understand.