Tuesday, November 03, 2020

Upcoming Video

Hello Ladies,

Thank you for all you do for me. Your comments, support and love keep me motivated!

I hope to make a video today to work by as you await the election results.

In the meantime I had such a lovely sunny day that I was able to make an outdoor picnic scene here at the Manse for you with the wonderful  skyline in the background.



Mrs Sabrina said...

Hello Lydia,

Im a young homemaker of two toddler boys. Id like to thank you for your videos tgat always keep me feeling cheerful and inspired throughout my day ❤️💐. Ive been going through some stress and anxiety recently, and your calming videos always help adjust my mood. Thank you for always reminding us how important appearance is - the day its uncared for is always a sluggish day! Off now to make lunch and decorate the table ☺️🌹

Lydia said...

Thank you Sabrina. The newest post is also calming. Its the political one but it gives you knowledge of what is really going on, and knowledge gives relief to the soul!!