Sunday, March 07, 2021


Please enjoy your beautiful home while you listen today:

I spoke of vitality today. It means to be strong, active, youthful, enthusiastic, and in general, alert and fresh,  full of the love of living.

I have been outside looking for backgrounds for tea table, picnic, tents, and other scenes. Maybe you'll see some here eventually.

This is the hymn I read to you. I was unable to find it on my favorite site (Sesamonte) but there were several on YouTube you might like to hear.


Christine said...

You have the best wisdom and ideas to share with us!
* I like the ideas of walking around the home with a notebook and take notes on each room.
* I'm going to get some tea, jam and crackers, put them in a box for a gift for a friend who just had surgery and is resting at home.
* I don't watch TV and have started more reading books. (Several that you have suggested!)
* Yes, the important things are what is happening in our home and church.
* I'm staying home so that I can improve my vitality.

Thank you so much for giving us your Gift of Wisdom, homeschooling us.

Vitality: capacity to live and develop
also : physical or mental vigor especially when highly developed

I looked up Vitality in the 1828 Webster's Dictionary. It had several other meaning but I liked this one.

What I did while listening to you: made chicken noodle soup, broth and all! made lunch for my husband a head of time (!!).

Lydia said...

Christine: so lovely to read your comment. Like being “back in the day. “ great for my poor nerves, as Mrs. Bennet said.

Janine said...

So many of the things you mentioned in this video I took me years to think of them and here you are giving all these secrets away ☺️. I've done the master list for my home for 18 years now. It really helps to get the ideas out of my head, and it's nice to look back in the notebook to see how much we have accomplished over the years...we definitely live in a fixer-upper! I started with putting 3x5 cards in each room near my light switch, but quickly got tired of seeing the list. It developed into my notebook.

I got so much done listening to you today! Lots of dishes, cooking, plus salad and Mac for tomorrow's lunches.

I agree with you about the dishwasher. A really good one is Meile... unlike so many today, it will last at least 20 years. Consumer reports said most are only lasting 4 to 5 yrs! I like ours because it is quiet. It also sanitizes well, but doesn't have the heating element that melts plastic or ruins pan handles. I put almost everything in it!

Loved your dress and teacup, and also that your house isn't magazine perfect, because like most of us, you also don't have tons of space for everything. It's much more homey than many modern houses today. Sometimes the simplicity mvmt is too stark, and shall I say...boring? I like color and heirlooms!

Lydia said...

A very heartfelt thank-you to the lovely lady Lydia who always brings me words of encouragement and instruction in the Spirit of Titus Two. You are teaching all homemakers to be true women of contentment. May the Lord continue to use these videos to awaken ladies to the many blessings of being at home.

Mrs. G. said...

Dear Lydia,
When ever I feel gloomy and eerie as you said so well-I turn on lamps and light a candle in the room I’m working in. I will listen to a sermon or play hymns. And of course listen to back episodes of Homemakers Radio! Thank you for your encouragement to PRAY! God bless you friend💕