Friday, March 19, 2021

Add Some Things, Subtract Some Things

Hello Ladies,

A short video today but I hope you will enjoy getting a few small tasks completed while you listen.

The art class I read about (from the letter) is Christie Hawkins, "The Social Easel"

The book I'm using as a teacher's manual and textbook for my homeschool student is "Creating a Sense-sational Home" (1995) by Terry Willits. She published other books that are equally good.

Here is the mini album craft my "student" made to house the various
lessons from my homeschool:

Some of my topics in this video:
A Challenge:- improve something
finish something
clean something
learn something
teach something
prepare to be called upon to provide help in some capacity, whether online or in person to your loved ones in the family.

Add 5 minute warm-up exercise (find some videos online) to your preparation routine. They can help in many ways other than getting fit.  (Improves the complexion and memory).

Create advantages from the world's political "captivity" and use the home for many things.

The Bible provides a great source for a curriculum on many different subjects:
earth science
nature studies,
sentence structure
character studies
and much more.


Lydia said...

I have replaced the videos in the last two posts. They should play all the way to the end now.

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this talk while I cleaned up the kitchen, finished putting groceries away, and made a chocolate banana bread.

Regarding the masks: I think it's different depending on where you live. Here in southern Ontario, all the stores are very strict about it. The grocery store where I usually shop is in a small town; however, there is always someone posted by the door now who basically yells at anyone who dares to come in without their face covered. I went in there this morning with my 12 year old son who forgot his mask in the car. The instant we go to the doorway the employee exclaimed "YOU NEED A MASK!!" and my son was so embarrassed. We had to go back to the car or we couldn't have done our shopping. Also, that same store has by the door a large sign instructing customers to "call local law enforcement" if they see anyone not wearing a mask!

Other small town stores have actually refused to let me in unless I used their horrible, heavily fragranced hand sanitizer. The bullying every where I go is getting very stressful. I am getting tired of being treated like some kind of leper.

Amelia said...

So glad you are on Rumble now, I enjoy Rumble much better because I feel it is safer and much more friendly to conservative groups, not censoring. I can easily go to my subscriptions on screen on my television set with my channel master.

When I embed my rumbles I take the html code and blog in the html code for the video part either beginning on my blog or ending to avoid confusion for myself.

I'm in the south (the mandate was lifted) and am shocked at people *still* wanting to wear masks! What bondage! The liberal stores are easy to spot, they have become even more rabid with their signs in the front. It's becoming a spiritual divide here, and I'm also surprised at certain churches embracing masks as well. One recently saying on their doors to love your neighbor and wear a mask. No thank you. They should have a sign up saying love your neighbor and let them breath! Good grief. Everyone should have the freedom to do as they please on masks. It's just unbelievable.

Take care now, may we lift our country up in prayers.

Lydia said...

I had to upload my last two videos for the last two posts, on YouTube but they are still on Rumble. It wasn’t playing my videos efficiently . Those of you who got cut off the last ten minutes can see them fully now, particularly the previous one.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Thank you for your faithful encouragement: learn, clean, finish, and teach something. I aspire to do exactly that!😊

I had an encounter with a woman recently that had the look of fear in her eyes because I was not wearing a face mask. She asked how I got in the store without one. I calmly took the time to educate her( as you do with us)that it is not a law to wear a face mask. After that, she wanted to know what I will do if they force me to get a vaccine. I suppose I could have said it’s none of your business, but I smiled and said, “We ALWAYS have a choice.” She must have had a clearer understanding because she took her face mask off and said she was glad she had spoken to me. A happy ending for a frenzied stranger at Walmart.

This video was a wonderful start to my Monday morning routine. Blessings to you, dear Lydia.


Holly, I'd like to memorize your answers and educate people one at a time. Still, the stores will call security and escort people out. We know from this that they are not working for us. They will lose their business license if they don't harass people.

Kayla James said...

You know something, Miss Lydia? I don't know if you are familiar with the Grace Livingston Hill books but in the one called The Prodigal Daughter, a minister came to teach the children in their home and said that they were going to receive all of their education from the Bible. You are the second after that story to suggest such a thing. I want to know how that can be done and also can I do that for my own education as well as when I have children, God willing?
I have come from the public school system and although I certainly did well enough and received Honors in high school, I want to know about educating myself from a biblical perspective on all subjects.