Sunday, March 28, 2021

Manage Time

Dear Ladies,  "It seems so long since I last saw you." 

Please enjoy an hour of your homemaking while hearing today's broadcast of Homemaking Radio:


A wind storm bearing dust was quite loud today.

Cold weather plants are blooming:

Let children be children, for childhood is fleeting:

Create good memories for them and for you.

We are enjoying making up our own board games:

Although the title of this post doesn't seem exciting, be sure an listen to the broadcast to hear some of my ideas for life at home.

In my message today I suggest we may do more things ourselves and become less dependent on the world at large to provide so many goods and services to us.  This is in keeping with the completion of planning for an event here at the Manse.


Joyful noise said...

Dear Lydia:

Thank you for posting another delightful video. I loved every minute of it. You had me smiling all the time, specially when you explained your board game! You have so many talents, and I love how you make children so happy. God bless you greatly. Keep shining!!

Janet W. said...

Thank you for another lovely post today. I so enjoyed your Tea Ettiquette video. The lady is quite accurate and I loved that she explained all the reasons for why things are done the way they are.
Janet W.

Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,
You made a good day in the Lord even better with your message and uplifting ideas. Your creativity is truly inspiring!!😊I had an enjoyable afternoon listening while I finished the final stitching on a t-shirt quilt for my daughter. I very much appreciated visiting Calm village and had a good chuckle over your greeting; I can still see the small dark- haired man echoing that familiar salutation from Fantasy Island. 😁You must be extremely busy getting ready for your descendants. Thank you for taking time out of your day to share your plans with us. It all sounds absolutely delightful!

Lydia said...

You were SO so so endearing and adorable, Lydia, talking about all the plans..the train tickets
The 3 course meal
Calm village etc
The board game
I had it playing while my two little ones were doing their math and they were listening too and captivated by the plans too!!
The idea of becoming involved in something to keep clouds away...made me we're doing a scavengar hunt and going to deliver little Easter packages to people we know and i think this will be really good for us!!!

Janine said...

I loved this video! Your Calm Village idea sounds like so much fun! Your boardgame was full of wonderful ideas...much better than anything you can buy. My son made a boardgame years ago that we played often. We laminated characters for the pieces, and velcroed them to the cardboard for storage.
I too love the old magazines best, and have kept many of the original Victoria's. Except that whenever there was an ad on both sides I tore it out because it clashed with the magazine's peaceful theme.

I read Myka Meyer's etiquette book from the library, and it was so good I plan to buy it and go through a bit of it each year as I teach high school with my son. It had a lot of good advice and wasn't "stuffy." I've watched all of her videos. They go hand in hand with her book.