Friday, March 12, 2021

Care of Self; Care of Home

Enjoy being at home while you listen:

What I wore:
Plaid shirt —The Tractor Store 
Corduroy skirt—Chadwicks catalog 


Janine said...

Love these pictures! Is that your dining room? At first I thought the second one was a painting. So beautiful! Is that morning light or afternoon light? So much great information today! Thanks! I got groceries unpacked, the kitchen cleaned, the bedding changed, and the laundry started. Have a wonderful day!

Laura Jeanne said...

I listened to this video while I gave the kitchen a good tidy, and started to make a pumpkin pie.

I am the same as you about scented products - they make me feel quite ill. It wasn't always like that - when I was a young woman I loved to have scented candles and air fresheners around the house. But in my mid-twenties we had moved temporarily back into my parents' home, and lived in their basement. My sister was also operating a hair salon in that basement. The constant exposure to the chemicals in the air seemed to do something to me, and quite suddenly perfumed products make me feel sick and gave me a booming headache. It was like my body gave up trying to process those chemicals and just wanted me to stop breathing them. So to this day I do not use anything scented in my home. It's difficult sometimes to find products, especially personal care products like shampoo, that don't have perfume in them, but it's worth it to me to do a little extra looking around to find unscented products.

Janet W. said...

I enjoyed your video today and did some sewing. Finished hemming a new Summer dress and a sailor collar to go with it. So nice to hear your pleasant voice again.
Yes, I agree with your mother to get through the work as soon as possible so we can do something fun. It’s been nearly three years since I’ve had time to sew any new dresses and has been my goal lately to get to the fabric.
My mother used to add a couple drops of lavender cologne to her ironing water and sprinkle it on dresses or bedding. Now days I put it into a spray bottle to do the same. Hint: When washing my towels I use unscented laundry detergent and one half a cup of cleaning vinegar 6% to the wash water. The musty towels come out of the wash smelling so fresh. I do not like scented cleaners in my home either.
Thank you for your videos and home schooling.
Janet W.

Lydia said...

I am trying to do the same thing, Janet. I was always putting off making much needed clothing for myself and my people because essential work was so much more urgent. I'm delaying some of the work projects in order to sew. Otherwise it will take years!!

Mountain Housewife said...

I listened to your video while folding and ironing the laundry and putting away. It was a nice time. Thank you so much for these. -Amy Laurie

Lydia said...

Love your blog, Amy! Thanks for coming.

Janet W. said...

Hi Lydia,
I decided to clean the garden window over my kitchen sink while multi-tasking. Big mistake with my personality. I tend to go down rabbit trails. I started taking out doilies and dresser scarves to wash them. Before I knew it, I was going through the house doing the same thing. What a cluttered mess!
Do you have any advice staying focused on one task and finishing it before going on to another?
Janet W.

Christal said...

Absolutely love your videos, such encouraging words, I get quite a bit done and just so happy to hear you speak about the home and our work 🙏🌸

Kayla James said...

I don't have a skincare routine. I have normal to oily skin, I think. What do I use?

Mrs. G. said...

Dear Mrs. Sherman,
I really enjoyed the tea cup history and being homeschooled by you this afternoon. I happen to love plaids as well and to make them feminine I tie a matching colored ribbon to my pony tail. I made a meatloaf, prepped boiled eggs and tuna salad for lunches tomorrow then cleaned up. Thank
You for all of your encouragement. It means so much to me.
Lauren G.