Tuesday, March 09, 2021

Just For Today

Hello Ladies,

Just for today:

Let's try to thrive, rather than just survive. Instead of just making it through the day; instead of just getting by, maybe we could go far and above what we expect; 
beginning with our thoughts, then our sight, and our plans and our work.

God is able to supply abundantly beyond what we ask or think.  (Ephesians 3:20-21)

What did I do in the past when things were tense?
 I tried to surround my home in things that were lovely. Even back-in-the-day, there were national and personal upheavals in people's lives. 

We were not equipped, in our generation, to alleviate the stress,  like the Victorians were. They had their tea time and their art classes, their trips to the seaside. They loved life even when the newspapers were upsetting. 

I can do this, too.

It is a challenge, isn't it?  To communicate without 
mentioning the war?  Without making any reference to 
the captivity?

I'm sure the captives in other eras had to get their minds on things that would help
them grow and develop.

This is a painting I once saw in a shop, and wanted for a wall in the music room of The Manse. My children did their music lessons there and this Sandra Kuck painting was perfect for that corner. The painting was as big as the wall and was on sale for $75.00. I didn't buy it but in retrospect, it would have gently changed the atmosphere for the children, in a good way. 

This was a well-loved type of country clothing in those days. I like the sweet innocent softness of the outfits and the hats. 

So, just for today, I am thinking of the things I could do to improve my life at home, and I hope you will too. Enlist your children in helping you think of things they would like to do, see, hear, etc. at home.  My first interest in the home was from my children. I wanted them to be happy here, and I hope you feel the same way and will come up with some ways to improve, especially in captivity.

This saying was seen often in wall hangings, pictures, on boxes, cards, etc.  I would ponder on it and wonder how to "untie the ribbons."  In the days of incredible busyness and various trials, most people drew a blank when it came to discovering the gift of life. Homeschooling helped me do that, since it was such a great eye-opener of all the things we could experience and observe.  I'll talk more about that on video sometime.

This is a little  painting I've been working on, based on a photograph I took,  way-back-when.

I hope you will take time for tea today.

There are a lot of plans on my master list, including more subject matter for listen-as-you-work videos.



Laura Jeanne said...

Thank you for this gentle reminder to keep our focus on the things we can control, not the things we can't. Last week I was so excited to find one of those short three-legged tables you're supposed to put under a window for plants. I've been wanting one of those for years for our living room window which sits empty. All I had to put on it was one humble ivy plant. So last night I went out and got a couple of small plants, a succulent and a small cyclamen with the most delicate red flowers. It sounds silly, but a few years ago I wouldn't have done this, I would say it's a waste of money to buy antique tables and house plants when there are bills to be paid, but you keep telling me I'm "allowed" to make both myself and my environment pretty, so I am doing that. And it feels really good!

Also Lydia, I do enjoy your written posts just as much as your videos - you are an excellent writer, and the artwork you share is always so pretty. :)

Lydia said...

Those are your tools, Laura; necessary for homemaking.

Laura Jeanne said...

Yes, I understand that now. In the past, I allowed the people in my life who devalued my homemaking, to convince me that these things weren't important, and that I didn't deserve anything nice in my life since I didn't make money; but now I know that my "tool" are important and necessary. :)

Adrienne said...

LOVE your sweet little painting, Lydia.

How do you find time to paint with all the other things you do? I'm impressed!

Lydia said...

I don’t actually have time for it. I just ignore the work for awhile. If I wait until I have time, I won’t ever see, paint, write letters or anything else.

Janine said...

I love that Sandra Kuck painting! How lovely. I've never seen it before, and I've never heard the quote before. I love your little painting! It's darling. I have a white skirt like the one pictured, and I just bought a pretty straw hat with a black ribbon and bow at the back of the neck.

Yesterday I removed the rocking chair from our bedroom since only the cats were using it, and instead brought in my most beautiful velvet chair that belonged to my husband's grandmother, and an old beat up table to hold my books, covered with a beautiful old cloth, and a smaller side table to hold my tea (if I ever get a chance to use it!). My husband commented that the room looked much better. Thanks for all your inspiration.

Mrs. Laura Lane said...

I've not listened to you while working yet today, but I found this post to be uplifting. I was able to get out and meet my adult daughters at a little coffee shop for a time of talk and laughter. I'm about to begin my work about the home now.
Thank you so much for your videos. Listening to you keeps me going and doing a bit more, because I want to hear more of the video!
Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage

Alex said...

Hello Lady Lydia,absolutely love that quote! Your words bring calm comfort in a harsh world. Thank you!