Sunday, November 21, 2021

Eating Bread, Silence in Conversation

I have returned from a "Regency" walk.

I hope this broadcast of Homemaking Radio will go well with your walk or your work at home today. This is intended for homemakers but there are other people who tune in to hear The Jane Austen Diet by Bryan Koslowski.   I have accumulated a wealth of good from the information in it, as I like having the insight from the Regency Era. Today I am reading the chapter about bread in the Regency Era, adding commentary about baking bread in the toaster-oven:

For the family brown-paper-use challenge I made a runner for a table from a pleated/gathered strip of ruffled brown paper that came inside a food delivery box,  and...

... a temporary file for my notes from half a paper grocery bag.


Please enjoy your walk or your work while listening today:

For those who are trying to keep their moods on the bright side, I suggested putting a list of 5 minute activities that are enjoyable and encouraging.

Evening at The Manse

The intermittent walking routine I spoke of was sent to me by an email friend and I have seen it used by physical therapists and exercise coaches. I can send it to you if you will email me: 


Janine said...

I tore out all of those Victoria ads as well. When I used to get other mags I would first tear out all the ads and then was left with a small mag to read. Enjoyed the story about the Art of Conversation. I also kept all the old Victoria mags. They are much more interesting than the new ones. One day please show us how to make bread. Thank you. Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving day!

Christal said...

Lydia I jump for joy when I see that you've made another video, love your videos πŸ€—πŸ˜❤️πŸ™, may I ask what Jane Austen book is your favorite? Please email me the walking routine, have a very blessed Thanksgiving ❤️πŸ™

Laura Jeanne said...

Lydia, I have been enjoying your videos so much lately. Due to various reasons, I've been struggling with my mental health, and your cheerful outlook on life helps me so much. I just hope you know how much you are appreciated.

Today, I listened to this talk while I made a pot of chicken soup for my son, who has a sore throat.

I have to tell you that the blue blazer jacket you're wearing looks beautiful on you, both the style and the colour. You look so classy and elegant in this video! And your hair is so pretty and feminine. I wish I had enough hair to do up-dos, but my hair is so thin that anytime I try, the results are comical.

Lydia said...

Laura Che k out Dr. Berg: thin hair on YouTube where he has several videos with great nutritional suggestions. It’s stress related because stress uses up important nutrients from your body