Sunday, November 07, 2021

Reading From Chapter 1 "The Jane Austen Diet" and Other Topics

The condition of The Manse today is stormy weather, knocking every  leaf off the trees in the vicinity.  It is certainly an adventure to walk in the crunchy goodness but I am bracing myself to endure the 7-9 months of isolation and cold. As Mr. Gibson said to Hyacinth: "Stormy weather!"

Here is a storm song to sing along with today. 

 In a situation like this, I depend on your visits and comments, and I can't thank you enough for providing my window to the world. 

Hopefully I will be able to get my order in for some warm cotton flannel. I know a lot of people use it for pyjamas and blankets, but I plan to make dresses for the home with this cozy material.

To compete in the family brown paper uses challenge, I made a drip catching doily for the teacup saucer. Most people are using cups these days for their drinks, but there are still some of my people who prefer the cup and saucer, and this is an essential creation that costs nothing but time and effort. (Although we do pay 5 cents for our large paper bags at the grocery stores). 

Today I talked about the home being the center for mind clarity, and briefly discussed what I called "mental detox". 

Please enjoy your walk or your work while you listen to this episode of Homemakers Radio:


Becaise I mentione pie in the broughtcast, I thought you might enjoy what this cook says about the making of Pumpkin Pie from 1670



Lydia said...

Dear Lydia,

Your dress is absolutely lovely, and the paper bag challenge has created so many useful items. I am impressed by all your ideas. Like many of your listeners, I, too, am enjoying the reading aloud time and your own personal commentaries on the Jane Austen Diet. Today’s chapter on weight and beauty was a refreshing lesson for the younger women and the young at heart as well.😊How many women realize the photography they see in magazines are professionally edited and altered?! Each of us have been blessed with our own, unique body build; inherited from our ancestors. We are truly wonderfully and fearfully made. I also wanted to briefly comment on singing… I keep a hymnal by my bedside that I routinely sing from before I retire for the evening. So many of the older hymns have the added benefits of teaching sound doctrine and good theology. Not to mention what it can do for us— mentally, physically, and spiritually. It surely feeds our souls and comforts many a weary heart when we choose to sing.🎵This talk was such a blessing today. Thank you, Lydia.


Lydia said...

Holly I was thinking of talking more about the air brushed altered photographs, which give women unrealistic and unreachable body images. Now as the entertainment industry is being exposed, people are seeing the celebrities in their real skin, and to some extent, we the viewers are in better form than they are!

Mrs.O🌺 said...

Dear Lydia, your dress is just beautiful. Thank you for the reminders to get outside and just enjoy our surroundings.
I very much enjoyed this reading today while I untangled yarn🙃!

I love how you keep reminding us gently to be resourcefulness creative.
God bless

Unknown said...

I came across a quote today, in my local church magazine, regarding what you teached us several times before in your videos:

'Breath unites body and spirit through prayer'

It was written by David Frenette, who was a close friend of the famous Thomas Keating.

Gratefull greetings (the leaves are also falling here due to the strong wind...)from Belgium. Maggie

Laura Lane said...

Hello Miss Lydia,
I listened to the song. It's a classic style hymn with truth.
I don't like to think of you isolated like that. I know we do better than most in isolation, it just sounds dismal. ~smile~ I'm glad we can "visit".
I've not listened to the video yet today. I was listening to an earlier one that I missed. I listened and did dishes.
I have paperwork to do and must manicure my nails. I'll listen for a bit while I do that.