Sunday, November 14, 2021

Regency Snacking and a Mandate

My mandates today are:
Attempt to be serene and content without worry or tension for one day.
Go for a leisurely stroll and look, listen, feel, think.

Please enjoy your fresh air or your indoor contentment while you listen.



Unknown said...

I already altered my eating habbits thanks to your readings and inspiring advice... I'm amazed what listening to your cosy and uplifting lessons can accomplish and I am truly motivated to keep up the good work... Talking about a sunny disposition... Thank you for all the effort you put in your blog and channel; they are both unique places on the internet! in Belgium we are evolving into lockdown number 3 and they are forcing children from the age of 9 to wear masks during school hours and my daughter talked to our 'good old' neighbour who shouted at her that all the people who are not taking the medecine should be in...prison... She was crying when she came home and the rest of our evening was ruined and gloomy. Where is this world going to? Who can you trust except for the plants and the animals? Or am I being too dramatic?

Evening greetings from a rainy Belgium. You and your family are in my prayers. Maggie

Lydia said...

Ask that good ol' neighbor how often she takes a good ol' shower and puts on clean clothes. Medicine doesn't cover uncleanness in the home and on the body.

Michell Hendrick said...

I enjoy your "mandates"! I purchased the Jane Austin Diet book for my birthday and I found a 1990's complete box set of McGuffey's readers on Etsy at a good price. Your manse is near my mother in Albany. It is such a green, beautiful valley and I love your photos. It is so dry here in Colorado but I am enjoying the fall leaves, feeding the birds and sharing peanuts with a trouble making squirrel. It's my mandate!
To Maggie in Belgium- Sending hugs and may God's peace be with you.

Unknown said...

And reading your reply just made me smile...

Unknown said...

Dear Michell Hendrick

...hugs and prayers arrived safe in Belgium...So grateful that you are thinking of me...this is so hartwarming...the internet can be a beautiful place... thanks to people like you and Lydia! Could not be happier tonight. Greetings full of gratitude from a cold (3 degrees Celcius) Belgium (I live +/- an hour away from Bruges). Maggie