Monday, November 01, 2021

Create Your Own Culture

Greetings and welcome to Homemaker's Radio. Please enjoy your walk or your work while you tune in to the message today. There was some noise at the end that I had to edit out, so the broadcasts ends abruptly. 

I talked about being careful what we say, so that we don't provide too much "supply" for idle talkers, immature people, and those without general understanding, who will take off on tangents and draw wrong conclusions. 

 Its so important that while we ourselves are trying to have wholesome, uplifting conversation, we are aware of how some things we say will send people's minds into thoughts and ideas that are not so uplifting. 

We need to give a limited amount of information and keep a lot more things to ourselves. Sometimes, letting out too much of our plans and dreams to others who might be critical, can thwart us in our endeavors. 

For the brown paper challenge, I created a makeshift flower press, to teach the younger ones at home about the old fashioned flower press:

It is autumn here so I used the colored leaves. 

Also am sharing some current scenes surrounding The Manse, where I am happily in captivity for a few days, trying to keep up with everything, sew something, find things, plant things, and take care of Mr. S.

There was a mighty gust of wind when someone opened the door. He offered to sweep it all up,  but I declined the offer and  kept these treasures for awhile:

Think of the trend this could cause: that of reviving the ancient custom of spreading petals and leaves on the floors.

I also spoke in the broadcast about the concept of culture and how to create your own, outside of the loud, brash, unwholesome  "prevailing culture."

My mandate today is to spend some time thinking about your own culture based on your personal family history, your interests and your personality, and make something from a paper bag or brown paper.

I would like to remind you of the blog "On the Journey", where there are some really pleasant podcasts for people like us.


Laura Lane said...

I've often spoke to my family about our family culture. It included the books we read, the music we listened to, the old musicals we watched and many other things. Homeschooling was the best decision I ever made right after choosing my Jesus and my high school sweetheart husband.

I had a house once where the leaves would blow in like that. I never thought of leaving them be for a bit. It was an annoyance then, but I have fond memories of that little house.

Have a wonderful November, and thank you for helping me get things done about the cottage!

Laura Lane
Harvest Lane Cottage
Southern Missouri

Laura Jeanne said...

This talk was such a blessing to me, Lydia. I look forward eagerly to the next one! In the meantime, I will check out the website you linked to, "On the Journey." :)

Janine said...

Very interesting! I guess my mom was right to cook our veggies in butter! I learn so much from you. I'm doing a thorough cleaning out of a closet while I listen to several videos.

Mrs.O🌺 said...

Dear Lydia, the last 10 minutes of this video was so very good!Family culture is extremely important, I agree! These are the ties that bind, don't you agree? When you said, "they are free", well.. I just loved that🙂