Thursday, April 28, 2022

Here Soon

Just a note that I’m planning to post again shortly. 
We are in the process of getting some old appliances out and less-worn ones in( washer, dryer)— essentials in this rainy climate.
When the rush is over I am hoping to try making some things in this Jane Austen cookbook, such as this apple tart. 
My descendants are growing up, getting drivers licenses, buying their own cars, and descending on The Manse. We have been busy trying to cram everything into each day that we possibly can, while staying on the premises. 
I will be more at leisure to post in a few days .



Janine said...

I'm sure you are having a wonderful time! Happy for you.

Christine said...

Enjoy your time but do come back...❤

Missuz C said...

Enjoy your descendants & family time at the Manse!
Meanwhile, I will be catching up on several years worth of Homemaker Radio that I missed while I was busy caring for my elders and raising my descendants ;-)