Tuesday, April 19, 2022

A Good Day at Home; Reading a Conversation in Emma

Yes, these are fresh flowers.

Today I have a short lesson, which includes a conversation in "Emma" by Jane Austen. There are a few other subjects covered, as well.

Here are some of the main points of the broadcast:
-The reason speakers and writers, teachers and influencers, often use characters in stories to illustrate their subject. 
 -Because so much more time is spent in the house, it is good to create the kind of atmosphere you like.
-Family members are more at ease if they know what time certain things will happen (meals, house keeping, outdoor things), and enjoying having some things in the same predictable place. 

Extra things I hope to accomplish today:
-Mail packages and letters
-Finish a sewing project
-Order some household needs
-Sing a song
-Load the dishwasher
-Have a serious cup of tea
-Find an umbrella and walk around outside
-Paint a little picture
-Meal preparation
If you have a few minutes, please visit Roxy at Living From Glory to Glory

Please enjoy the day while you listen:


Lydia said...

Good Afternoon Lydia.
I enjoyed your YouTube share time today. I listened as I ironed my wrinkled summer clothes. Thank you for taking the time to share apart of your life with us. Blessings to you

Caroline said...

As always, a blessing to visit and listen while I do my homemaking tasks. Encouraging and inspiring! Thank you and praise to Our Heavenly Father for His fine handiwork evident in you. What a great gift to be made a woman and what a blessing and it is in the influence we have in the lives of those around us.

Marianne said...

Dear Lydia,
I heartily agree with Caroline! You are a treasure.
I do look forward to your videos and when a new one shows up it just makes my day. My children and their families all live far away, my retired husband recently took a part time job, and my friend moved away to another town so you are a connection and a friend to me. Thank you for the time and effort you put into these visits.

Lydia said...

I will try to post an answer soon or address your questions when I do a broadcast.